Karega And Felicia Bailey Talk About Losing Their Daughter At Birth

“Black Love” Exclusive: Felicia And Karega Reveal How They Overcame Enormous Loss

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Black Love production still featuring Karega & Felicia Bailey

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

The weekend is here and OWN’s “Black Love” is airing a brand new episode Saturday. The upcoming show features Karega and Felicia Bailey, a couple who have experienced enormous loss. We’ve got an exclusive clip, where Felicia talks about how healthy her pregnancy had been — until it wasn’t. As Felicia shares her painful experience, Karega shows his support throughout the retelling — and the whole thing is incredibly touching. Watch the clip below:

So so so so sad. Our hearts go out to them. We’re really glad that “Black Love” exists to show how couples get through some of the hardest experiences. This was truly tragic.

The couple finds light in music as The Bailey’s are also musicians who play together in the band Sol Development, alongside their bandmates Brittany Tanner and Lauren Adams.

Recently, they’ve published a book full of affirmations that can be used as toolkits to give guidance to people who are dealing with grief. The book is called Sol Affirmations and can be purchased through Sol Development’s Bandcamp page.

Karega says he hopes the book will help people find love after grief:

“Sol Affirmations is this body of work that lends itself and is birthed from some of the greatest challenges around loss, around grief, but also around light and around love. The amount of love that shows up in this text is unreal,” Karega explained during an interview with Rightnowish.

“I recently did an assessment looking at how much time I was examining love and you realize that grief is love, it’s just love after a loss. It’s very difficult to name love and feel love and practice love without you being able to place it in the direction where you intended it to go.”

Black Love, which is now in its fourth season,  gives an honest look into what it takes to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship as a black couple, which is not always easy. The docu-series shows the ups and downs that couples experience too.

We’re definitely looking forward to Saturday’s show! Here’s more about the episode below:

Episode Description:

True love can withstand any test and we see the strength of this through the brilliant couple Karega & Felicia Bailey. The duo courageously share how unexpectedly losing their daughter at birth changed their lives while also teaching them a deeper love.

Episode 405: Stand By Me airs 10/10/20 on OWN at 9 PM. Will you be watching?



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