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2020 Leaders & Legends Ball

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Big Gipp, Cee-Lo, Khujo, and T-Mo are back with a timely trunk-thumper (featuring Chuck D of iconic Hip-Hop group Public Enemy) that smolders with an aggressively fiery beat augmented by fuzzy guitar riffs and chaotic sounds of police sirens — which fit the hectic times we find ourselves in entirely.

With “Are You Ready,” the elder statesmen challenge the listener to think about what it means to be living in the land of “haves and have-nots” and just what it will take to survive in it.

“Right now, just seeing all of our people on TV marching and protesting and being shot at, bottles and stuff being chucked at the police, people burning down buildings and looting because we’re tired of all of the injustices,” explains T-Mo.

{We] just wanted to do something to let the people know that we care about them. We’re addressing them in the song, letting them know that we want them to unite and unify as one. This is our way of contributing to what’s going on.”

In these strangely uncertain times, the iconic group has assembled, once again, to offer the world healing in the form of their latest LP aptly entitled “Survival Kit.”

“The title Survival Kit came up after we finished the majority of the record,” explains Khujo. “A survival kit is something that you might need. You can put different things in a survival kit, so it doesn’t have to be the norm of what you think might go in a survival kit. With the times we’re living in now, you might switch up and have some hand sanitizer in there, some water, and some in food there. You probably have to have gloves and a mask.

You gotta have a phone and a phone charger in there as well. But it can be a spiritual thing too.”

True to form, “Survival” Kit gives listeners all of the insight and inspirations they need and want. Organized Noize, the legendary production team, laced the LP with a heavy blanket of rock-solid beats steeped in the spirit of the soulful hip-hop sound that Goodie Mob fans know and love while new fans will be blown away by it.



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