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In case you need some pure positivity this Sunday, we’ve got you covered. 12-year-old Caleb Anderson is making International headlines for his brilliance and incredible feats, yes, feats—plural.


The beautiful black boy who hails from Marietta, Georgia is planning on transferring from Chattahoochee Technical College to Georgia Tech where he’ll become the youngest person in the school’s history to study Aerospace Engineering.

The genius who joined MENSA at age 5 recently appeared on CBS and told Correspondent Mark Strassmann that he doesn’t consider himself exceptionally bright, just a fast learner.

“I’m not really smart,” said Caleb. “I just grasp information quickly. So, if I learn quicker, then I get ahead faster.”

We humbly have to disagree, Caleb.

Caleb’s parents Claire and Kobi Anderson told CBS that they knew their child was exceptional from the start.

“I don’t think anything Caleb has done has been normal for us,” said Claire who noted that he mimicked her speech at 4 weeks, knew sign language by nine months, was reading at age one, and knew how to do fractions at age two.

As you can imagine, Caleb’s brightness intimidated children his age and he admitted that his middle school experience was “awful.”

“The kids there, they kind of looked down on me, they treated me like I was an anomaly,” Caleb said. “And I kind of am.”

He added that people in college are “much more accepting.”

Caleb also previously told USA TODAY that after Georgia Tech, he wants to attend Massachusetts Institute for Technology and eventually get an internship working for Elon Musk.

“When I was like 1, I always wanted to go to space,” said Caleb, who’s favorite subject is math.”I figured that aerospace engineering would be the best path.”

Caleb also has two siblings– Aaron, 8, and Hannah, 7, who are in the gifted program at their school. Their proud parents note that Aaron is good with numbers and Hannah excels at puzzles.

Caleb’s story has caught the eyes of Kevin Durant and Steve Harvey , the latter who offered to pay for the rest of Caleb’s college education.

Best wishes to Caleb and the entire Anderson family! You love to see it!


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