Pettiest Reactions To Candiace Dillard Milking Her Weeks-Old Catfight

As The Wig Turns: Pettiest Reactions To Candiace Dillard Milking Her Weeks-Old Catfight With Monique Samuels

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It’s been three weeks since the now infamous catfight between Candiace Dillard vs. Monique Samuels that ended with hurt feelings and a tattered wig in front of millions of viewers.

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So it’s no shocker that Candiace decided to sue Monique while playing the victim in a week-old storyline that fans are ready to be over.

As previously reported, Candiace’s mom Ms. Dorothy was adamant that charges should be filed against Monique and told her daughter that “we don’t’ get into the gutter” while urging her to call a lawyer. Surprisingly Karen Huger, whose friends with both Monique and Candiace, said something similar and told Candiace that if she were in her shoes she’d press charges as well.

The urging from both ladies clearly prompted Candiace to move forward with legal action and next episode we’ll see her put Monique on blast with legal documents.

“I’m stressed,” Candiace confesses. “I only very recently filed the charges and it was everywhere in five minutes. I was not expecting it to happen that fast, like…”

“So, is the goal for her to go to jail?” Robyn Dixon asks.

“The goal is for the court system to do what the court system needs to do,” Candiace replies.

That’s when Gizelle mentions that the charges could lead to a 12-year jail sentence for Monique.

Both Gizelle and Robyn say no one wants Monique to go to jail, to which Candiace replies, “We don’t?”

As we all know, Monique actually filed counter-assault charges against Candiace noting that Candiace has a “history” of “aggressive, threatening, and belligerent conduct.”

An attorney for Monique added that Candiace hit Monique in the face with a wine glass, leaving her with a bloody nose and lacerated lip—thus leaving Monique no choice but to “defend herself” against the aggressor.

A judge later shut them both down and dismissed both claims.

At this point, we’re ready to move on from the fight that’s been milked DRY and prepare our wigs to be snatched during the upcoming Reunion.

Are you tired of the Candiace vs. Monique storyline or here for the mess? Tell us in the comments and peep the pettiest reactions to Candiace milking the week-old fight on the flip.

“The way Chris just aggressively told Candiace to “shut up” at a table full of other people? Chilling” – someone had to do it

“Clifton: “…how are you?!”

Candiace:” – soooo dramatic

“So Candiace still got mouth…I bet she won’t bring that sh*t to Mo again!” – NOPE

“Me carrying around all the patience I have for Candiace’s victim narrative” – chiiiile

“now see….Candiace’s mouth writing that check again! refer back sis!” – she didn’t learn anything from that dragging

“Monique beat Candiace’s a** so bad that she got herself writing post-it notes all around the house saying “you’re ok”…

lmfaooo I have never heard of an a** beating that serious!!!” – whew, us either

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“Candiace really making it seem like Monique put her in the hospital. Girl you got your wig tugged on and your head bopped a bit.” – she’s doing wayyyy too much

“After I had the meeting with my pastor, I received this email. My attorney advised that I only speak to Candice with him present. We asked several times for a mediation sit down and she and her attorney REFUSED. She didn’t want to hear an apology! She wanted money” – oop!

“i said it before and ill say it again, candiace is a Black karen.

like how do you talk shit and then get upset cause you got your ass beat for it. just stop talking.” – BLACK KAREN

“Chile, one thing about that damn Candiace she gone cry.” – no lies detected

“Candiace isn’t traumatised, she wants her mommas mortgage paid.” – certainly seems that way

“Every time candiace start crying” – every single time

“Candiace probably wouldn’t be seeking to press charges if she had won the fight.

Her ego experienced the real trauma.” – yep

“This fight storyline is so old now Candiace hang it tf up #RHOP” – yep, it’s time


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