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Barry‘s back in town.


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Barack Obama has been relatively quiet since he had to give America’s steering wheel to 53% of white women’s president Donald Trump back in January of 2017. As a man with couth who respects protocol, he said that it would be inappropriate of him to constantly weigh in on the performance of his scurrilous successor. But the man isn’t blind or deaf. Barry-O saw and heard everything that the orange d!ckhead has spewed from his crusty lips and little hands via interviews and Twitter. Still, Barry said little to nothing.

Obama Promotes Joe Biden

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Yesterday, that changed. We are now in the 25th hour of what feels like the most exhausting, important, and anxious presidential election in modern times. Trump and his basket of deplorables are a dumpster fire inside a nuclear power plant inside a volcano and after damn near four years of keeping mum, Barry finally had a righteous opportunity to get ALL his bars off. He appeared to relish the opportunity and it was riveting to watch.

Bruh was having FUN. Peep this clip where Obama talks about Trump’s secret Chinese bank account.

Then there was the bit about “the crazy uncle”.

Points were made and jokes were landed. Damn, we miss this man. You can watch President Obama’s entire speech in the video below.


Obama also announced last month that his new memoir, A Promised Land would be ready to hit shelves on November 17th. The book will detail his time in office and give fans a look into his life before and during his presidency.



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