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Everyone has had a time where they wanted a McDonald’s ice cream cone or McFlurry, then drove across town only to be told: “the ice cream machine is out of service.” Some of us have been so determined we drove to another McDonald’s after hearing the dreadful news,  just to hear the same exact thing at the second stop. It’s become such a common joke on social media that people assume they just take turns cutting the machines off just to disappoint customers.

Now, according to reports from The Verge, a software engineer has come up with a solution to avoid disappointment for all of us going forward.

A few hours ago, a 24-year-old software engineer launched McBroken, a website that aims to end such incidents once and for all. The site displays a map of every McDonald’s location in the US, denoted by clusters of dots. Locations with a working ice-cream machine get a green dot; locations without one, a red dot. A column on the right compiles statistics — currently, 7.54 percent of McDonald’s ice-cream machines in the US are broken, as are 15.22 percent of those in New York.

Yes, you read that correctly: if you visit when your next craving hits, you can see exactly which location’s machine is actually working. 2020 has been rough but this is a blessing.

The new McBroken app is yet another big move ticked off the list for the fast-food franchise this year. We’ve seen McDonald’s pull a series of super innovative and creative ideas out over the last few months from collaborating with Travis Scott on his Cactus Jack meal and music merchandise to now, partnering up with J. Balvin to give Micky D lovers a new meal which includes a Big Mac, fries, McFlurry, and if you can afford it…. some iced out jewelry too.

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