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American politics is literally a circus and there are a bunch of clowns running the country.

Amy Coney Barrett Is Sworn-In As New Supreme Court Justice At The White House

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

Yesterday, the United States Senate, comprised mostly of Republican bootlickers, rushed to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as the newest SCOTUS for the rest of her natural life. Senate majority leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell has been anxiously awaiting this day like a 16-year-old boy who is about to have sex for the first time. The Supreme Court is now officially uber-conservative and that spells disaster for the American people.

But not only did the Repettylicans get a win, they took to Twitter to rub one of their most hated nemeses nose in it on her birthday.

So, the Republican party in the house is no better than internet troll Tekashi69. Got it. According to ABC News, Barrett was confirmed with a vote of 52-48 with only one Republican voting with the Democrats against confirming the Bible-thumpin’ Barrett just a week before a presidential election.

Everyone should be worried about how this heffa will rule when it comes down to important issues that ACTUALLY affect our lives. Abortion could legitimately be banned by this woman. Voting rights might be struck down by this woman. Obamacare and the ability to access affordable healthcare might be struck down by this woman.

Please go vote. It’s important that we have public officials who are fair and aren’t swayed by an ideology that does not represent what Americans need.



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