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“Y’all can’t and won’t be both my savior and my oppressor…”–a Queenly Kansas City activist.

Keiajah Gabbrell (@kjgbrks)  is the young woman who you’ve surely seen burning up your social media timelines in a viral video. On Tuesday, the Kansas City activist uploaded a video of herself absolutely annihilating the local Board of Police Commissioners that she says is racist and includes members who are guilty of abhorrent behavior.

She outright called for Police Chief Rick Smith’s resignation and ran down a list of the board’s transgressions while reading every single board member “for filth.”

“Fair warning, I’m not nice and I don’t seek to be respectable,” said Keiajah. “I’m not asking y’all for anything because y’all can’t and won’t be both my savior and my oppressor. I don’t want reform. I want to turn this building into luxury low cost housing. These would make some really nice apartments. So I’m not here begging anything of soulless white folks and self-preserving Black folks. You get one life, and you all in this room have chosen profits over people. And that’s pathetic.

So I’m going to spend the next two minutes reading y’all for filth, something I’m sure nobody has ever done!”

So what transgressions, in particular, did Keiajah call out?

Let’s see….”black children photo opportunities”, the “hiring of Trump’s former attorney general”, “Unchrist-like behavior” by a Pastor, and the utilization of “white privilege and disconnect” to ignore issues.

She also dropped this bar about a part-owner of the Kansas City Royals baseball team, a man named Don.

“Or Don, owner of Wagner Investments, Blue Notes LLC and part-owner of the Royals–another rich and white and disconnected and out of touch person with nothing but pure apathy seeping from your paper colored skin. You age like trash when you’re racist and subject others to violence.”


She ended with this Bible verse that surely shook the room.

“Anyways, I’ll leave you soulless, profit-driven, avaricious, greedy, godforsaken humans, including ANYONE who works in this building, with one Bible verse. From the Bible. Detailing the life of Jesus. Jesus Christ, who was another unarmed Black man murdered by authorities in the book you Hell-bound people claim to love so much. ‘What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit its soul?! You’re REALLY funny.”


This young woman has a bright future ahead of her. She is a poet laureate and should be treated as such.

Moreover, she is fearless and ferocious and calling for justice for Donnie Sanders. Donnie Sanders was an unarmed black man killed by a Kansas City police officer who believed he was armed. Keiajah believes Police Chief Rick Smith is protecting the anonymity of the officer who killed Sanders and THAT’S precisely why she went so hard during that Board Of Police Commissioners meeting.

Keep going, Queen, Keiajah! We salute you!


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