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Halloween is here once again, and much like everything else this year, it’s going to be a lot different this time around.

A close-up of a nail artist creating a chandelier nail manicure

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Obviously, the coronavirus is still very much a thing–despite what all those celebrity parties in Las Vegas and Atlanta might have told you–so hopefully, there won’t be too many Halloween parties going on this year. While missing out on such a beloved holiday is disappointing for a ton of people, it does put a lot less pressure on us to find costumes and one-up all of our friends, so there is a bright side in there, somewhere.

While a lot of things are still pretty unusual around the country, nail salons have started to open back up in certain states, which means one thing you can still do for Halloween is get a manicure. Trick-or-treating isn’t a thing anymore, so you won’t be handing out candy to children around your ‘hood–but let’s be honest, we’ll all be eating that candy we would have handed out anyway, so our hands might as well be well-manicured as we grab that 14th snack-sized snickers.

So, whether you fancy some deep fall tones on your fingers, a cutesy ghost and some pumpkins, or a seriously chilling illustration of your favorite Halloween character, the perfect manicure is out there.

Take a look at some Halloween nail art that’s perfect for your next nail appointment:

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go:

This hand-painted ode to Disneyland’s Tower of Terror is perfect for anyone missing Halloween and the theme park right now.

Or you can mix some Louis Vuitton with some Scream because….why not?

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These devil horns are so simple, you might be able to get away with wearing them year-round…but obviously, they’re PERFECT for Halloween.

Or some brains, which look way too cute for how gross it really is.


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