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Today is the day that America decides whether or not they are smart enough to correct a problem that it created. We find out if there is any sense of accountability for electing Donald Trump and his basket of deplorables to power. It’s easy to be cynical about it, hell, it’s totally warranted to distrust everything about this crooked country. However, voting still matters. The will of the people still matters.

Georgia Senate

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According to CNN, more than 100 million people have cast their ballots for the next POTUS and the next senators. It’s a historic outpouring that represents 47% of the eligible voting populous. The country has never seen early vote numbers like this before and it doesn’t exactly bode well for the current White House occupant. The common thinking is that when more people vote, it favors the Democratic candidates. Half the voters in 21 states including Washington, D.C. have been to the polls and Donald Trump is nervous.

For context, in 2016 only 136.5 million Americans voted. There are approximately 100.2 million more votes in ballots boxes as of this typing. For those of you who don’t wanna do the math, that means that 73% of the votes from four years ago are already accounted for.

Fulton County Officials Process Absentee Ballots In Atlanta's State Farm Arena

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It’s gonna be a very long day and perhaps, a very long week, month, rest of the year. Try to relax and keep yourself from getting too overwhelmed. Godspeed.


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