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Last week, Chicago rapper King Von was murdered outside of a hookah bar in downtown Atlanta. Von was murdered by Lil Tim, an associate of Savannah rapper Quando Rondo. Allegedly, Von and Rondo got into an altercation and Tim decided to take matters into his own hands. His actions lead to three deaths and him being shot by police, along with others.

Yesterday, T.I. took to his Instagram to put his OG hat on and speak to the out of towners traveling to his city.

This seemed like a noble statement from Troubleman, but the issue is that the youth still remembers his past beef with Lil Flip.

T.I. and Flip were at the center of much controversy surrounding their spat in 2005 when the two Southern rappers got into an altercation in the streets of Houston, following Tip’s appearance on a radio station where he claimed that he was going to expose Flip as a fraud.

Chicago took T.I.’s remarks as a shot towards them when really, many assumed he was speaking to the Savannah visitors who actually killed Von. One person who was confused about how TIP could judge people was Waka Flocka, who took to Instagram to voice his opinion.

“Aye look, never talk down on people when you once was the person that you talking down on,” said Waka. “I don’t give a f*ck what the scenario is. Ever. And I’m talking about guys that come from the streets, not ones that say they did. Bruh, I don’t care how far I get in life; I would never look down on anybody in the streets or anything they ever do in the streets because I understand the laws and lifestyle that come with it and when you understand sh*t like that, a lot of things you not supposed to talk about.”

Waka Flocka wasn’t alone, either. King Von’s sister Kayla took to Instagram to tell TIP he should put that energy in his own family and asked 50 Cent to come get his little friend. 50 quickly responded to his summoning, letting TI know it’s not the time for that, saying he is risking his life being in the young folk’s business.


“A @troubleman31 you gotta chill, you bugging for saying anything,” wrote 50 Cent. “They got casualties this is real sh*t, i don’t know what you was thinking but re think it now. They are hurting, they love that boy he was a way out. I bet you don’t even realize they will kill you for what you just said. what hood you from again? come on now it’s quiet time.”

TIP quickly tried to clear the air and let people know he wasn’t talking about Von, and the people close to him know that. I guess maybe Kayla hadn’t heard that message yet, but you can read T.I.’s full response below.


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