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The Reverend told us that this BS was en route and here it is…

Georgia Senate

Source: Tom Williams / Getty

Obviously, folks who live in other states haven’t seen this but there is a Raphael Warnock ad playing fairly regularly here in Atlanta, and most likely all over the state of Georgia, that warns the public about the predictable antics of his Republican competitor Kelly Loeffler. The ad is hilarious. Check it out.

As sure as the good reverend foretold, low-down Loeffler began her assault. According to the AJC, the conservative fill-in Senator has taken to social media to laughably question Warnock’s 2002 arrest for obstructing a police investigation. At this time, Warnock was an employee of the Douglas Memorial Community Church in Baltimore where police were looking to interview minors about alleged abuse at a church-sponsored camp.

Neither Warnock nor the other clergy were suspects in said abuse, but police wanted to speak to camp counselors. The problem was, police wanted to interview these children without an adult present, no parent, no lawyer. Warnock wasn’t hearing that. After he intervened on behalf of two teenagers who investigators attempted to speak privately with, the reverend was arrested for obstruction.

Georgia Senate

Source: Tom Williams / Getty

The charge was ultimately dropped by Deputy State’s Attorney Tracy A. Gilmore who cited a “miscommunication” and apologized to Warnock for the stainless steel bracelets.

THIS is what Loeffler and her cronies want to dissuade voters from choosing Warnock over her. “Oh no! Raphael Warnock stood up to the police for the protection of children! How DARE he!”

The real scandal is the fact that Loeffler wants to kill Obamacare while at the same time profiting tremendously from the COVID-19 pandemic with shady stock-selling shenanigans. Typical Republican. It always profits over people for those clowns!


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