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David Perdue sure does love to mock Black entities…

Kelly Loeffler And David Perdue Campaign For Georgia Runoff Election

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BOSSIP previously reported on Perdue’s racist mocking of Kamala Harris’ name during a campaign rally. This weekend, he used his platform as a shady Republican senate-hopeful to mock another Black woman via her business.

Offset Surprises Voters With Pop-Up Concert

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This weekend Ossoff visited one of Atlanta’s most popular restaurants, a vegan eatery called Slutty Vegan that is owned by the beloved Pinky. We say it’s one of Atlanta’s most popular but the truth is that Slutty Vegan has become popular across America and everyone from ya cousins and ’em to high-profile celebrities has pulled up to get a delicious meat-free bite to eat.

As you all know, the state of Georgia is a hotly-contested runoff for the two open senate seats and each candidate is campaigning hard to ensure victory. The difference between Ossoff and Perdue is that instead of campaigning on, say, supporting community entrepreneurship, David Perdue is running plays straight from the petty Republican playbook.

David Perdue. Watch your mouth, playa. Slather Slutty Vegan in respect. Waffle House is great but they are a huge corporate entity and they will always be good. Jon Ossoff is supporting a local Black business that is providing healthier eating options to a severely underserved demographic of people. People who you likely have never done anything to serve.

Back in October, Perdue failed miserably during his first and only debate against Ossoff. The Republican senator chickened out of his second face off against the Democratic hopeful just weeks before the presidential election. During their heated debate, Ossof labeled Perdue as a “crook” and criticized him for profiting off China.


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