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We’re only 14 days away from the highly anticipated RHOP Reunion spectacular that’s sure to be a wig-tugging HOOT based on this MESS-filled season that continued last night with Karen inviting Monique to her wig launch after telling the other housewives she wasn’t invited.

Now, Karen had to know this was MESSY but invited Monique anyway in a shady or innocent (depending on who you ask) move that stirred up petty shenanigans across social media.

This comes a week after Karen’s appearance on ‘The Wendy Show’ where she had spicy words for Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant.

Recently, Embellished hat line creator Robyn was seen shading Karen about her age.

Robyn had all of the wives (except Monique Samuels) model her hats for a photoshoot but after viewing Karen’s photos however Robyn told Gizelle that she didn’t want to use them because Karen, 57, can’t “pull off a youthful look.”

None too pleased by that comment and Gizelle agreeing with her bandit buddy, Karen told Wendy Williams that Robyn “who’s a HARD 40” wished she had her wisdom.

“Now Robyn is a hard 40 and lookin’ every day of it, but, but I really feel like she shot herself in the foot with this because we 50-year-olds can afford her product,” said Karen.

In fact, the 20-year-olds that wanna buy Robyn’s hat come to their mama for the money. So, she just shot herself in the foot and my La’Dame Fragrance sales just went up, skyrocketed. People were just not having it.

It’s time to stop age shaming women and especially women doing it to women,” added Karen. “Shame on Robyn.”

As for Gizelle, the Grand Dame said that Gizzy should learn from her about how to grow a brand while alleging that Gizelle’s “Every Hue Beauty” cosmetics has gone out of business.

“She is so versatile and if Giselle needs some help in understanding why, or how to grow, a brand tell her to call my people, OK?” said Karen.

“You don’t put makeup on and have it disappear, without saying goodbye to your customers who’ve supported you. Every Hue is no longer available to any customer. It was liquidated. Let’s just go ahead and say that!”

Wendy who is also in her 50s is on Karen’s side, she previously shaded the younger housewives saying:

“I’ve seen more double chins on you younger housewives than I see on the Grande Dame. Karen is as cute, if not cuter.”

Overall, Karen’s stunt was just another reminder that she’s thee Grand Dame on a shady season fueled by ONE “fight” that happened WEEKS ago.

Was Karen wrong for inviting Monique to the wig launch? Tell us down below and peep the absolute messiest tweets from the latest RHOP episode on the flip.



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