Messiest Reactions To Lil Baby's Scandalous Shenanigans With Ms. London

Funniest, Wildest & Messiest Reactions To Lil Baby’s Scandalous Shenanigans With Ms. London

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Oh, Baby!

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We’re on Day 2 of Lil Baby’s spicy scandal that revolves around dazzling porn star Ms. London who spilled all the beans about their alleged encounter during his star-studded birthday weekend where he received an astounding array of lavish gifts and the ride of his LIFE, apparently.

The award-worthy freaky flick star hinted to her Twitter followers that she recently smashed a “millionaire” who had the “best d*ck she’s ever had.”

In a not-so-subtle clue, London named dropped “Jayda,” claiming she had no reason ever to “leave” the mystery millionaire after spicy link-up.

Ms. London says she went home “6K richer” after Lil Baby “beat her to the bed” while blaming her tea-spilling on the alcohol.

This is particularly scandalous since Lil Baby was just showering Jayda Cheaves (the mother of his son) with love after she went ALL out for his birthday and copped him a $200K extremely limited edition Richard Mille watch.

And, if you didn’t know, Jayda LOVES her some Baby.

So it’s no shocker that she addressed the matter without actually saying that her and Baby are over.

Oh, but there’s more:

Naturally, the Rap superstar disputed the messy claims, tweeting that the “devil” was showing up after things were going well for him and his booming career.

The tweets have since been deleted but Ms. London revealed alleged DMs from the rapper expressing his dissatisfaction in her customer service after she allegedly signed an NDA.

Where do you think Lil Baby and Jayda go from here? Do you think Ms. London is wrong for spilling the beans? If not, why? Tell us down below and peep the messiest reactions to the spicy saga on the flip.

“Jayda: “Twitter saying you linked up with Ms London the other day”

Lil Baby:” – Baby, until she dropped the receipts

“If I was Lil Baby I would ask for a refund bc this is ridiculous” – customer service ain’t what it used to be

“Lol damn, so Jayda bought a 200k watch so Lil Baby could see what time Ms. London was coming over to break out the Stallion knees. Jada baby:” – Twitter is outta control

“Jayda showing lil baby the Ms London screenshots

Lil baby :” – *HOWLS*

“Lil Baby to Ms London when he saw her tweets this morning” – he was pressssed

“JT and Lil Baby at QC headquarters today” – *cackles*

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“How 4PF came at Lil Baby after seeing them tweets from Ms. London” – you know what…

“Lil baby counting that 16k to pay ms. London” – classic clip

“When Baby deposit the $16K” – haaaaaa

“I’m just not believing lil baby paid 16k for this” – but have you seen her vids, tho?

“Jayda coming in the house while Ms London leaving after getting down with Lil Baby” – Ms. London seems like she’s bold enough to leave out the front door

“Lil Baby when he see MsLondon again” – so disappointing

“James Harden after realizing the money he gave to Lil Baby went straight to Ms. London” – well, at least he can relate

“I saw “16k” and was taken aback. Then I saw her videos” – she’s quite the, uh, athlete


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