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Tiffany Haddish blasts the Recording Academy for lowballing her with a ‘disrespectful’ Pre-GRAMMY hosting offer.

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Tiffany Haddish is going on record to blast the Recording Academy for what she feels is a disrespectful offer for pre-Grammy hosting duties.

The hosting job is a great look, all things considered, but when women–most importantly, Black women–are lowballed, working for free just simply isn’t an option. Tiffany revealed that the offer presented to her was a pay-your-way order, which would see her essentially paying to host the gig in exchange for exposure, which she obviously already has enough of. Tiffany told Variety that she hopes her speaking on the situation doesn’t stop her from being nominated, but wants to bring attention to the matter.

“I was like, ‘The exposure is amazing but I think I have enough. I appreciate you guys asking,’” Haddish said. “And as much as I appreciate the honor of being nominated, that’s not okay.”

“This is something that needs to be addressed,” Haddish said. “How many other people have they done that to? It’s like a guy asking you on a date but telling you that you have to pay for it.”

The Grammys also claimed that they wouldn’t be able to foot the bill for the star’s hair, makeup, or wardrobe for the 3-hour live-streamed event either.


Cheap as hell right?


The Girls Trip actress has been nominated this year for best comedy album for Netflix’s “Black Mitzvah.” Haddish received a nod last year for “The Last Black Unicorn.


Pretty shocking that after everything that’s happened in 2020, an organization would approach Tiffany, a woman who has been nominated for some of their highest awards, to work for free and pay her way. This right after backlash for neglecting The Weeknd’s album all together for the 2021 show.

We don’t blame Tiffany for turning down that little measly hosting job either. What do YOU think?



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