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Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

At this point, it’s clear that “Power Book II: Ghost” is a not-very-subtle parallel to “Power” with Tariq having some of his father’s best qualities and Brayden being his literal partner in crime.

So far, the young Ghost and Tommy dynamic works on the enjoyable spin-off that continues to win reluctant “Power” fans over with its intriguing storylines, ruthless gangteress Mary J. Blige and Law & Order-ready Method Man.

There’s also Tariq’s shocking evolution into a likable character after YEARS as one of the most hated characters on ALL OF TV.

“It’s the same character, but a way different role,” he told Insider. “So I was just really reading my scripts, trying to get into that space of Tariq becoming the man of the house now; the man of the show; the man of the new ‘Power’ universe.”

“To take on that type of responsibility, you need confidence,” Rainey continued. “So I feel like I just had to just get the confidence.”

At only 20, Michael Rainey, Jr. is the youngest Black male lead on TV with the entire “Power” universe on his shoulders.

“This is one of the only shows with a young Black man leading, so I feel like right now that’s a blessing and I can’t ask for anything more than to be in that position,” he said.

“This is one of the best positions you can be in because when you’re leading a show it’s not just about the show, it’s about off of the show too because you’re an inspiration to the kids that are younger, so I always want to be an inspiration to those that watch me and watch what I do.”

We’re only 7 episodes into the series and already entangled in the Tariq-centric storyline that’s sure to swerve left in upcoming episodes.

Have you finally allowed yourself to root for Tariq? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from the latest episode on the flip.

“Jabari when he went back to his car after leaving Carrie apartment” – you know what…

“Malcolm when he saw Lauren and Tariq together” – *WEEPS*

“Y’all look like 2 raw chicken cutlets in that bed” – *falls down the stairs*

“Jabari was writing on that envelope like Regina George” – *cackles*

“How worry free Zeke is living compared to everybody else’s and their problems.” – lolololol

“Saxe when Meth came in his office” – haaaaa

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“Lol Tariq when he found out Riley was Saxe niece” – it took way too long for him to connect the dots

“Why the hell tariq keep leaving his bag around Diana??” – W H Y ? ? ?

“Dru to Tariq: “you never shot no one before, have you?…”
Me:” – yeaaa, about that


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