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Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ / Starz

More and more fans are getting hooked on Starz‘s latest breakout hit “Power Book II: Ghost” that’s already been renewed for Season 2 mainly because of strong writing, compelling characters and Tariq somehow growing on us all.

Power Book II: Ghost assets

Source: STARZ

At no point did we ever think Tariq would be a likable character (after ALL his unforgivable TRANSGRESSIONS on “Power”), but he is, with a booming Uber Eats-style drug business, plenty of boos and his father’s book/street smarts.

But that’s not what everyone was buzzing about from late Saturday night through all of Sunday and today. Nope. It was Method Man’s spicy secks scene/d-print that overshadowed an otherwise enjoyable episode while fueling lusty thirst across Twitter.

For years, the ladies have launched all kinds of panties at the Rap legend with this past weekend being no different as we got a closer peek into the life of a fame-thirsty lawyer who holds the key to Tasha’s freedom.

“They don’t want to see Method Man up there, they want to see [my character in Power Book II: Ghost] Davis Maclean, they want to see a lawyer up there. It’s going to be hard for some people to strip those layers away and actually see Maclean and not see me, but hopefully I did a good enough job that by episode two, all they’ll see is the lawyer,” said the rapper-turned-actor in an interview with GQ.

I reference Johnnie Cochran, too, because he was at a level where I could understand him. It seemed like he came from where I came from; he just threw a suit on and crossed over here for a quick second,” he added.

Are you enjoying Method Man’s character? How many times did you watch THAT scene? Tell us in the comments and peep the lusty chatter over THAT Method Man scene on the flip.

“Shout out to Method Man for taking care of his temple so well 👀👀👀 #PowerBook2 was errrrythang as usual!!!!” – his “temple”

“Method man ain’t had to lick up her body like that … OMGGGG” – this GIF tho

“Live footage of me when Clifford “Method Man” Smith Jr. pulled up those briefs with that chest glistening” – THIS CLIP

“My mom’s watching #PowerBook2 and told me that Method Man is about to have a sex scene.

Me:” – you know what…

“Method Man got YAMMMMMMS!” – whoaaa this clip

“That sex scene with Method Man tho’!” – wowwwww

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“Method Man in them boxers !!? The Lord is my Shepard … he knows” – laaaaawd

“WE FINALLY GOT A SEX SCENE WITH METHOD MAN” – Meth got ’em goin crazy

“Me when Method Man popped up with those boxers on…” – whoa WHOA

“Oh wow, really Method” – this pretty much sums it up

“That scene with Method Man” – wowowowowowow


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