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Kylie Jenner ends up on the receiving end of a verbal attack from animal rights activists over her alleged fur use.

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner was out shopping, probably for Christmas presents, with her mom’s boyfriend Corey Gamble when they were greeted by a group of unexpected activists. The animal rights activist were there to lash out over Kylie‘s alleged use of animal fur. Kylie was not wearing fur at the time of the verbal attack nor have the groups noted when she ever wore fur, but they seem hell-bent on pushing their agenda for her to join the movement. According to reports from TMZ, the groups claim they won’t stop until she swears off fur completely.

Kylie Jenner is going to keep getting ear-shattering attacks from animal rights protesters until she declares she won’t wear fur anymore.
The SoCal Animal Defense League swarmed Kylie over the weekend in Bev Hills, slamming her and calling her a monster … and now activist Rob Banks tells us the group targeted Kylie because she wears fur and was shopping at Moncler, which sells fox fur coats.

One witness on the scene revealed that that the protestors held signs that said, “wear your own skin,” “stop the abuse,” and even “the fur belongs to the animals who were born with it NOT humans who steal it from them.”


In the video, however, Kylie seems completely unbothered during the verbal attack, but maybe she will join the rest of the family in rocking faux fur just to avoid the dramatics.

Yahoo News reported that Kylie’s run-in with the angry protestors occurred while she was shopping at the Balenciaga store on Rodeo Drive. The reality TV star and beauty mogul apparently had the entire store shut down so that she could do some shopping in private.

Must be nice!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has been living life to the fullest in 2020 despite the on-going pandemic. Back in November, Kim celebrated her 40th-birthday on a private island with her family. Kendall threw a huge West Hollywood-themed birthday bash for her 25th and the entire family got together for Thanksgiving.….with NO MASKS might we add.


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