Funniest, Wildest & Messiest BOSSIP Headlines Of 2020

We Did It, Joe! Funniest, Wildest & Messiest BOSSIP Headlines Of 2020

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We did it, Joe!

2020 was a musty mishmash of raggedy months with a surgical mask and Party City wig on. Whew, it was TRASH–the absolute WORST year ever, of ALL-Time, that gave us everything from a gnome-bodied guttersnipe terrorizing the Rap industry to the now infamous Bussit Brunch.

But somehow we made it through and put together another championship campaign that landed us in yet another major publication right after the 2020 Election.

In the revealing article, our esteemed Associate Editor Jason ‘Jah’ Lee revealed his creative process behind one of the biggest Bossip headlines of 2020.

“We write long-a** headlines,” he laughed. “I look at it like I’m writing bars.” He knew he had to do something special, something that spoke to the exaltation this would be online and stood out from the many, many nicknames Bossip has come up with for Donald Trump.

“I mean, we’ve called Donald Trump everything orange. Pumpkin-spiced and dorito-dinged and habanero Hitler. We called him safety-cone orange, we called him burnt sienna. We ran down all the list of orange things.

In the moment, I try to put in whatever effort I have into the subject and however I can turn a Rubik’s cube in my mind,” he explained his process. “But after it’s written, I try not to go back over it a million times and trying to fine-tune it because the whole point about it is for it to just be simple and easy entertaining.”

What was your fave BOSSIP headline of 2020? Tell us down below and peep ALL the BEST BOSSIP headlines of the year on the flip.


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