Must-See Tweets, Memes & Videos From The Seditious MAGA Riot At The Capitol

Must-See Tweets, Memes & Videos From The Seditious MAGA Riot At The Capitol

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January 6th, 2021 will live in infamy as one of the most shamefully seditious moments in our deeply flawed nation’s political history.

For weeks, experts feared that something deplorable would pop off at the capitol during the ceremonial counting of the Electoral votes to formally confirm President-elect Joe Biden‘s win after WEEKS of baseless fraud claims by soon-to-be ex-President Trump.

So baseless, in fact, that he lost over 60 cases in multiple states where he failed to prove even one major case of fraud during the election.

Fast forward to earlier today where hundreds of angry MAGA minions stormed the US Capitol after Trump urged them to fight against the imaginary fraud that, at no point, has ever existed.

Smoke grenades were utilized on the Senate side of the Capitol, as police cleared out the building.

New York Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries gave an update moments after the chaos subsided.

“The Capitol is being cleared. When it is safe, we will return to complete our constitutional responsibilities. This is the United States. We will not allow mob rule to undermine the rule of law.”

After what felt like forever, Trump finally directed the National Guard to Washington along with “other federal protective services,” according to White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“The D.C. Guard has been mobilized to provide support to federal law enforcement in the District,” said Jonathan Hoffman, the chief Pentagon spokesman.

Acting Secretary Miller has been in contact with Congressional leadership, and Secretary McCarthy has been working with the D.C. government. The law enforcement response will be led by the Department of Justice.”

WHY Trump is still President and not in handcuffs, we haven’t the slightest clue, but this disgraceful sequence of events sent the whole entire internet into a frenzy only 6 days into 2021.

What consequences do you think Trump should face for inciting violence at the Capitol? Tell us down below and peep the must-see tweets, memes and videos from the now infamous MAGA riot on the flip.

“Mitch McConnell right now” – *falls down the stairs”

“January 6th. 2021” – this video tho… WHAT IS HAPPENING??

“Hit his a** with the No Look like J Kidd” – you know what…

“I wanna see the rockets red glare, I want bombs bursting in mid air on these n*ggas” – us, too!

“They’re outside Joe” – *falls over*

“They got dawg running away wit a magic wand” – oh noooo

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“Elizabeth was not ready for the revolution” – boohoooo

“im in nancy pelosi office cookin up” – Twitter has no chill

“I am safe. We have been evacuated.

Let me be clear: we will not be stopped by this lawless intimidation” – absolute madness

“The capital preparing for today’s riot” – bruhhhh

“Why y’all keep asking where the police at? Y’all ask where Miley’s at when Hannah’s on stage?” – welpity welppp

“Cops are taking selfies with the terrorists” – wowwwwww

“BREAKING: Rapper Flo Milli has been seen in the chamber pop-locking in front of the Maga crowd” – noooooo

“live pic of police at the capitol” – ACCURATE

“JUST IN – Protesters are fighting with Secret Service and Capitol Police within the U.S. capitol” – INSANITY

“Police at BLM protests
Police at MAGA riots” – so infuriating

“BREAKING: Protesters are on the Senate floor now:” – just frolicking around SMH


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