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The true nature of America was on full display yesterday in Washington, D.C.

Trump Supporters Hold

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After the unbridled white rage that manifested at the United States Capitol yesterday, President-elect Joe Biden spoke to the nation. He said, “This is not who we are.”  We couldn’t possibly disagree more. This is ALWAYS who and what America has been even if his rose-tinted lenses make it impossible for him to see it otherwise.

According to NBC News, four people are dead as a result of one shooting and three “medical emergencies” that have yet to be fully explained.

Ashli Babbitt was seen in a viral video being shot and killed by Capitol police. Ironically, she died with a Trump flag wrapped around the bullet wound in her neck. Twitter detectives found her page and one of her recent tweets was morbidly prescient:

The quote tweets showed her absolutely no posthumous mercy. It is what it is.

Senators and Congresspersons were ushered to safety, told to get under desks and chairs, and ordered to don gas masks to protect them from tear gas that was going to be used to fight the terrorists off. IEDs, Improvised Explosive Devices, were found on the Capitol grounds. These crazy white folks were really planning to blow up the building.

Five weapons were recovered from the complex, and three arrests were made, D.C. police said. None of the people were residents of the District of Columbia. There were 12 arrests in the two days leading up to Wednesday.

What a s#!t show. SMFH. What are your thoughts on all of this chaos? Tell us down below.


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