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She muthaf**kin’ tried it!

Back to school: multicolored school supplies shot on wooden desk.

Source: fcafotodigital / Getty

There have been a lot of facets of the pro-Trump riot at the United States Capitol that have been explored over the past week. The participants, the president’s involvement, potential assistance from police and military, and the deaths that have resulted due to violence have all been talked about exhaustively in the media. However, one aspect of the unprecedented attack that hasn’t been discussed much is the way this story will be told in the eyes of history. Who will be held accountable? Who will be whitewashed? Well, according to an attentive student and a hard-hitting Instagram page, we don’t have to wait for the answer.

According to TMZ, a Lake Wales, Florida SUBSTITUTE teacher (see: g-league backup) has been caught trying to teach students that the riot, felony trespassing, vandalism, and insurrection wasn’t committed but Trump-supporting MAGAs, no, it was really a violent, criminal act committed by “Antifa”. We are positive that this ahistorical heffa was a part of the OG 53% and the 2020 55% of absolutely awful Anglo-Saxon women who voted for their orange zaddy.

We did our damnedest to find this surreptitious soup cookie‘s name as no news outlet has been able to identify her but to no avail. However, TMZ has spoken with the principal at Bok Academy, Dr. Damien Moses, and he says this…woman has been addressed properly, “We met with her and she has been dismissed not only from our school but also from the Lake Wales Charter School System.”

Good. Bye, bish.


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