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T.I.’s 19-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris seems like she’s super conscious of how she portrays herself online, and not because of respectability politics but, it’s the asinine comments that do it for her! Ever since the young lady made headlines last year over her dad saying he ‘checks’ her hymen, Deyjah has been a bit wary of public opinion.

The entire ordeal became a trending topic for days, with people arguing over her choices and body, literally. That’s why she shared she prefers to not do any twerking challenges.

In a Q&A for fans for Instagram, Deyjah explained why Erica Banks’ “Bussit Challenge” is not on her list of things to do.

“I was telling my mom I was gonna do it but (without the twerking and all that) and she was like yeah that’ll be super cute…BUT I already know what some of the comments are already gonna say. (Don’t we all.)

I just don’t have time to keep explaining myself or saying the same thing over and over and over again…so I’ll just sit this challenge out. Y’all are definitely killing it though.

It’s a fun challenge, but Deyjah knows it’s sexually suggestive and folks are ignorant.

Previously, Deyjah checked a fan for asking her an invasive question about her virginity and she sounded fed TF up.

“bra…lol..y’all literally ask me this every time as if my answer is just gonna suddenly change after a week or so,” said the Harris family kid. “i really didn’t even wanna answer this .. but then i started overthinking ‘well if I keep ignoring it, they might think i’m not one anymore’ but honestly, f–k it lol. like who really gives a damn fr fr lol (meaning who gives a damn if y’all think I’m not one anymore, why am i so worried, etc.)”



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