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Atlanta scam culture is WILD!

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If you live in Atlanta or visited here enough you know that there is BIG scam energy in this city. Creative con artists have found a litany of loopholes and they have no consciousness about using these cracks to stack racks on racks on racks.

Enter, Tre Brown. Tre is a 19-year-old who was working at a Kroger in Gwinnett County (nawf!) until he was arrested for theft by taking. Specifically, Tre is charged with scamming $980,000 in just TWO WEEKS according to Fox5Atlanta. Peep game, Tre figured out how chargeback returns to a credit card by creating fake transactions through the cashier system. Like most scams, it seems cool at first until the greed kicks in, Gwinnett Corporal Collin Quinn explains:

“The first one he did was in the range of 10 dollars and as he continued to get away with it the prices continued to go up until he made a return of over 87,000 that returned to a credit card,” Flynn said.

Over the course of fourteen days, Tre charged back returns for FORTY items that ranged anywhere from $75 to $87,000. Forty in fourteen days might be both the greediest and the dumbest thing we ever heard of. It’s a KROGER, sir, a grocery store. How much money in returns do you think goes through there on any given day? It’s not a Bloomingdales.

The report states that another employee noticed the strange transactions and alerted the police. During their investigation, they found that Tre had bought clothes, shoes, guns, and two cars. One of those cars was totaled in an accident. A large sum of money was returned upon his arrest.

Young man, we’re in full support of those of us who use our ambition to better our station in life but this ain’t it.


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