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Poor, Paige. That’s the collective feeling surrounding a Married at First Sight star who’s been matched with an egregiously obnoxious, recently ENGAGED stranger.

Married At First Sight: Atlanta

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography / The First Look Photography

As previously reported Married At First Sight season 12 takes place in Atlanta and features a particularly troubling castmember, Chris Williams. The 27-year-old who’s giving season 10 Brandon vibes, is an ambitious and materialistic Subway restaurant owner who’s been engaged twice but never married. Chris was paired with Paige Banks, 25, a well-grounded woman of-faith who’s independent and owns her own home.

Mind you, Chris revealed that his last relationship ended just THREE MONTHS before his time on #MAFS and there are also rumblings that his ex is pregnant with his child. A trailer for the show seemingly showed Chris being devastated by the news and sitting with his head on a table. 

On Wednesday’s episode, Chris wed Paige and they met for the first time at the altar. After the wedding, he talked to Paige about his ex excessively and revealed a tattoo he had recently covered up of the woman’s name.

Behind the scenes, he also made shamelessly overtly sexual comments about Paige’s “shape” (her a$$) that were echoed by his father. His father couldn’t stop ogling the woman’s body and also encouraged Paige to give his son “the touch of his wife” during an inappropriate conversation about sex at the reception.

Chris also said that Paige wasn’t the “prissy, pretty Trophy wife” type “he was used to”…

and flat out asked her if she was a virgin before asking if she was on birth control.


The shocking wedding moments caused a firestorm of controversy on social media and one of the experts who picked the season’s couple has been catching HELL over it. Befuddled fans have been reaching out to relationship expert Pastor Cal and they’re convinced that Chris was cruelly added to the cast strictly “for ratings.”

Not true, says Pastor Cal himself.

The MAFS expert recently responded to fans in his IG comments who were livid about Chris’ casting.

“Paige deserved better. Seems like her happiness was compromised for ratings. So sad,” wrote an angry fan.

“Thank you for caring for Paige,” responded Pastor Cal in his IG comments. “We do also, and she knows it, since we’re in communication with her. Ratings are never more important than our couples.”

He also added to another; “People surprise us. But there’s always a chance for redemption” and told yet another disappointed fan that some people change when the cameras roll.

“We do our absolute best to match couples with intergrity but we can’t predict how they will act when the cameras roll. We’re surprised also.”

Hmmmm, did Chris fool Pastor Cal, Dr. Pepper, and Dr. Viviana?

Another fan also sent some shade the man of God’s way under a post about him and his wife “giving each other their all.” “Wonderful for you both! Now use the same thinking when choosing couples!” wrote the fan. “You’re messing with people’s emotions, it’s not ok!”

Pastor Cal took offense to that and asserted that he cares about the couples’ wellbeings despite what you see on television.

“You don’t know me so you won’t’ know that I encourage the same type of behaviors with the couples that I practice in my own relationship. Your opinion is based on ignorance. And that’s not okay. Nevertheless, I do appreciate your passion for the well-being of the couples. That, we have in common.”


What do YOU think about Chris Williams?


Chris Williams x Married At First Sight

Source: LaJoy Cox of LaJoy Photography / The First Look Photography

If nothing else, he’s going to be entertaining this season to say the least.




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