Messiest Reactions To The Scandalous T.I. & Tiny Allegations

They Did WHAT??? Messiest Reactions To The Scandalous T.I. & Tiny Allegations

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T.I. and Tiny (allegedly) did WHAT???

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By now, you’ve probably spiraled down a messy rabbit hole of sexual abuse and drugging allegations against T.I. and Tiny that stirred up loud whispers, reckless speculation and potential misinformation across the internet.

After DAYS of unrelenting rumors, the couple finally responded in a statement to Complex where they denied all accusations of sexual and drug abuse alleged by Sabrina Peterson and her alleged victim accounts.

“Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson. The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. They are taking this matter very seriously, and if these allegations don’t end, they will take appropriate legal action.”

Peterson–a former friend of Tiny Harris‘s–took to her Instagram stories to share the experiences of the allegedly abused women. While sharing her experience, one woman said she visited The Harris’ and they refused to let her inside their home until she took an “X” pill.

In a separate story, another unnamed woman alleged that her phone was taken away when she entered T.I. and Tiny’s hotel suite in 2016. Allegedly cocaine was handed to multiple women present and the ones who removed their pants were only allowed to stay.

Earlier this week, Sabrina Peterson accused T.I. of pulling a gun on her years ago, calling him her “abuser.” His wife Tiny clapped back at that claim, calling Sabrina “weird.” Sabrina maintains that she’s interested in exposing the Harris’ and shared plans to make a documentary involving any of their will accusers who want to tell their stories.

At this point, we’re in wait-and-see mode without any actual facts about what happened on the nights in question. But, based on the what we know, it’s not looking too good for T.I. and Tiny who denied allegations made by a steadily growing list of women.

What are your thoughts on the saga? Tell us down below below and peep the messiest reactions to T.I. and Tiny’s alleged sexual abuse on the flip.

“check TI and Tiny’s hymen” – *falls down the stairs*

“T.I and R Kelly first single from prison” – Twitter is out of control

“This gone be TI and Tiny onna live tryna explain this shit away” – noooooo

“Y’all remember this Rob Kardashian tried to warn us about TI and Tiny this just clarity’s everything I’m snooketh!!” – yiiiikes

“These Ti and Tiny allegations got me looking at Kandi and Todd like” – uh oh

“Lmfaooo Clifford wrote this sh*t and thought we wouldn’t notice” – we definitely noticed

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“T.I. and Tiny..welcome back to the Red Table” – this might be too scandalous for even Jada

“Cicely Dead, Ti and the garlic knot got a sex trafficking ring , robin robbing the hood, niggas high jacking nudes , Wendy Williams had a one night stand with method man …2021 said hold my purse” – GARLIC KNOT

“*everybody finding out about TI & Tiny*

Deyjah:” – welpppp

“Bruh this Ti and tiny situation……..” – crazyyyy

“Lifetime writers and producers watching y’all get TI and Tiny outta here” – this Aretha pic gets us every time

“Jay-Z and Beyonce after that one double date with Ti and Tiny in 2013”

“Netflix and hbo executives getting ready to produce surviving TI and Tiny” – a MESS

“The 4 stages of reading about TI and Tiny” – and things are only going to get crazier


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