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Married At First Sight sweeties Karen and Miles are STILL going strong and ready to give fans insider-insight into the Williams household.

Miles & Karen

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As previously reported after a pandemically affected season of Married First Sight season 11, Miles said “yes” to his wife Karen Landry on Decision Day after four months of marriage. Karen also said “yes”, and the couple’s now living happily ever after in the same neighborhood as fellow #MAFS couple Woody and Amani. 

Since then they’ve kept fans abreast of their life as Mr. and Mrs. Williams on social media and via some self-captured footage that will air on the new season of Couples Cam premiering TOMORROW, February 4th at 8 pm ET/PT.

Ahead of that, the couple’s also been keeping fans updated on their life as husband and wife via their “Miles And Karen” YouTube Channel. In their latest video titled “Miles & Karen Q&A Part II” the duo answered fan questions about married life.

Things got especially spicy when they discussed backlash that was mainly aimed at Karen who was blasted for her “masculinity” and “unsafe” comments. According to Miles, that caused difficulty because family and friends thought he was being mistreated. As for Karen, it clearly made her life difficult and she was particularly peeved to see women ganging up on her.

Miles: “I felt like I constantly had to justify my decision to stay with you based on the backlash that people were sharing. They’re like they’re constantly saying like, ‘You deserve better than how Karen’s treating you”

Karen: “Meanwhile, whole time; SPOILED.”

Miles: “I was sitting at the crib eating lobster!”

Karen: “Getting backrubs…”

Miles: “Beard scrubs and s*** !”

Karen: “Massages, gift for no reason…”

Miles: “And here go Twitter; “Karen ain’t s***, Cancel Karen!’ That was hard because I wanted my people closest to me to know that I’m good, I’m fine, I’m taken care of, I’m supported, I’m appreciated. People are very practice of me, even strangers, you’re very protective of me but for strangers to be protective of me and not protective of you bothered me.”

Karen: “That’s why I felt let down and disappointed in general because man, we as women know how hard it is on a daily basis being a woman, dating trying to be in relationships. So to see so many women so easily gang up on me and throw me under the bus. I was like ‘Dang, these people don’t know, they don’t know what I’ve gon through.” And we’re just gonna gang up and throw somebody away like that when there’s clearly a reason why you [Miles] liked me.”

Additionally, Karen shared a super sweet anecdote about the first time she told Miles that she loved him.

Karen: “Ok, I said it first. What had happened was…I did it kind of weird y’all. But again, I’m an energy person so if it feels right, I do it. So, I was up one night just like awake, just thinking, processing a lot, thinking about my life. I was thinking about all the people in my life I’m grateful for. And I was also reflecting on me and Miles’ relationship. And I was like, ‘You know what, I really love him.’ And I want him to know it and it was on my mind. He was sleep. And Miles sleeps like a baby angel. Literally when he’s sleep, he has a smile on his face. He might be snoring and smiling, depends on how tired he is.

I ended up texting him while he was sleep because it was on my mind and my heart and I didn’t want to wake up him up because he was in his zone. But I know with me and Miles, we’re always going to communicate more. So next morning…”

Miles: “I was like what was that last night?! What got into you.”

Karen: “I think you were just like…”

Miles: “Where did that come from? And then we talked about it.”

Karen: “And I told him why I did it in that moment. And that I loved him and that was it.”


The new season of Couples Cam premieres TOMORROW, February 4th at 8 pm ET/PT.

For more Miles and Karen tune in to BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap tomorrow, February 4 at 7 p.m. Prior to that, we’ll be chatting with fellow #CouplesCam stars Woody and Amani at 6:30.



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