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“Married At First Sight’s” longest season ever amid the COVID-19 pandemic is over and some hard (and not so hard) decisions were made.

Woody and Amani

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Unsurprisingly, Amani, and Woody remained everyone’s faves and decided to stay together after four months of marital bliss. At one point Woody, who fans originally dismissed as an F-boy but turned out to be a doting husband, shed tears while noting that he thought he’d never find love.

“When I looked at love, I always wanted to be married,” said Woody through tears. “I wanted to have the happiness. But honestly speaking, I didn’t genuinely think I would get it. But being married to Amani, everything I didn’t expect, I now have.”

His wife Amani also spoke on their sweet love story and said it taught her lessons.

“I think what I’ve learned about love is it really can be unconditional,” Amani added. “I never imagined I would get there with my spouse especially as quickly as I got with you.”

So yes, they, of COURSE, stayed together and they brought the experts to tears.

“People need to see real love and I’m so glad and proud and honored to be here to witness it among you two,” said Pastor Cal.

So while it’s clear that Amani and Woody are continuing their sweet black love story, what about Karen and Miles?

Miles and Karen Married at First Sight

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After a season that included a “not really my type” reveal before their wedding, questions about masculinity, a walkout centered around feeling “unsafe” over a sex joke, and fan allegations of disinterest on Karen’s side—did the Williams decide to stick things out?

On Decision Day Miles admitted that he was nervous and waffling about his decision.

“I feel like my head and my heart are in two different places,” said Miles. “My head is saying, ‘You’ve been married for four months and you haven’t gotten what you need and you should get a divorce.’ My heart is saying, ‘Karen is the type of person that you’ve wanted and what she’s showing in the last three or four weeks is somebody that you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with for sure.’ So I think that’s what makes this a very complicated decision.”

But ultimately, as fans suspected he said “Yes” and decided to stay married to Karen.

As for Karen who seemed to struggle with intimacy with her husband, she said she wanted to stay married as well. 

Are you surprised?


Who else stayed together?


Bennett and Amelia of course decided to continue their very sweet, very kooky coupledom.


Olivia and Brett didn’t reconcile (Thank God!)…

and Henry and Christina ended their marriage amid allegations that Christina was “blackmailing him” with a text claiming that he had an affair with a man.

Classy lady, right there.


Are you surprised about what went down on Decision Day???


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