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Real Housewife of Atlanta Drew Sidora thinks what happens at a bachelorette party should STAY at a bachelorette party. That’s the message she recently shared during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap on Instagram Live.

Drew Sidora

Source: Drexina Nelson / Bravo

As previously reported Drew was a recent guest and she shared an update on her marriage that’s in a much better place amid ongoing couple’s counseling. Things got especially interesting however when she discussed the cast trip to Charleston that will end with a “scandal.” As previously reported rumors are swirling that two stars of the show had a threesome with Bolo The Entertainer, the stripper hired to be entertainment at Cynthia Bailey’s Bachelorette Party.

Kenya Moore was seen in an #RHOA trailer fueling the rumor by saying that she heard “sex noises” that night.


With that in mind, Deputy Editor Dani Canada asked Drew to share what REALLY happened during the so-called “strippergate.” According to Drew, she’s dumbfounded by Kenya speculating that some stripper smashing happened and Drew’s watching to see what the #RHOA cameras caught.

“Bolo was in the building and let me tell you it was very entertaining,” said Drew on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “What happens at a girl’s bachelorette party I was taught, stays at a girl’s bachelorette party, we were celebrating my girl Cynthia. In all honesty, I know we had an after-party and everything but all this speculation and these allegations that Kenya was throwing around, I truly, honestly, right hand to God don’t even know what she’s talking about. I thought it was really crazy to me because they weren’t filming and now they’re saying that cameras caught something. I don’t know what the cameras caught so I’m gonna be watching with y’all to see what went down.”

Drew also expressed disappointment in Kenya’s “sex noises” allegations and said she frankly finds it “disgusting.”

“It was pretty disgusting to me that she would throw these allegations around. You weren’t in the bedroom so even if something went down, how you can just throw that [out there]?” said Drew on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “We’re all women in relationships, trying to fix our relationships, we have kids and you’re gonna throw these nasty speculations around??? We don’t do that here, that shouldn’t be okay. But I don’t know if there’s truth to what Kenya was saying because I honestly don’t know.”

Drew added however that she personally saw something interesting that night concerning a certain “fan.”

“I can tell you that there was one particular fan that was looking for something to lick and that’s just it,” said Drew on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap.

If you’ve been watching #RHOA then you clearly can discern that Drew’s “fan” in question is LaToya Ali.

As previously reported Drew shut down a shady moment from the fellow #RHOA newbie by giving her an autographed headshot.


Drew also recapped that moment on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap and said she “felt fan vibes” from LaToya.

“All you wanna comment on is how you don’t like me from “The Game” which I get and I was very flattered by that,” said Drew. “Then you proceed to show me that you’re watching my every move, I was just like okay, girl. You’re my #1 biggest fan. I did what I would do for my fans, we laughed about it, and it is what it is. That was that moment and she definitely deserved it and I hope it’s [the autograph] hanging on her wall somewhere right now.”


Check out Drew Sidora on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap with Deputy Editor Dani Canada below.

Watch a preview of part 1 of RHOA’s “Strippergate” airing Sunday at 8 p.m.


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