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How YOU trifling?!

Wendy Williams wearing dress by Norma Kamali and Kevin...

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That’s the question fans are asking about Wendy Williams’ ex-husband who is defiantly doting on his longtime love/mistress. If you’ve been following Wendy’s now finalized divorce and recent Lifetime movie and doc, then you know she’s openly called out Sharina Hudson, the woman her ex-husband Kevin Hunter welcomed a daughter with and allegedly saw for 13 years, something Wendy says she openly knew about.

Wendy has made no qualms about her disdain for the woman she’s labeled “miserable”, “less than smart”, a “Backwoods Barbie” and thinks should “burn in hell.” She also recently shaded Sharina and Kevin’s infant daughter Journey saying;

“The baby? What, why would I want to meet her? I don’t know her. And I don’t want to meet her. She’ll want to meet me first though. ‘Do you know where your father was the night your mother gave birth? He was with that lady on TV, Miss Wendy.’ Because he was with me.”


Now, Kevin Hunter must be fed up with his ex-wife’s digs at his longtime love because he’s openly calling out Wendy.

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend Kevin gave followers a sneak peek at his “Queen” Sharina with an ‘oh so romantic picture of them holding hands.

“QUEEN & SLIM ….back @ it again!!LOL…”CELEBRATE YOUR QUEEN ELEVATE YOUR KING! ENJOY!!!!” he captioned the pic.

According to our sister site MadameNoire, Kevin caught shade in his comments from a fan who said he “played Aunty Wendy”…

It’s good your [sic] living and enjoying your life. But the fact that you played aunty Wendy for over 10 years and then made a baby. I mean the world is gonna be giving you guys side eye as long as your [sic] with Sharina. The mess of it all.”

Kevin then responded and attempted to shame Wendy and her mothering skills with a convoluted comment about Sharina “saving her son’s life”, that son being Wendy’s only child Kevin Hunter Jr.

“Yup…had so much respect for her that she helped SAVE her sons life when his moms couldn’t…but that’s a DIFFERENT story…real truth when I’M ready…much respect to her tho.”

Okaaaaay. You really got her there, cheater!

That’s not all, however, Kevin had more to say to dedicated Wendy Williams fans and he went to bat for “Queen Sharina.” When a fan commented; “You can’t win when you play dirty”, Kevin responded; “So movie was a win? I’m confused.” 

He also told another;

“I won because I woke up this morning and NO ONE was with us shooting in the gym…take full responsibility for my role in the failure of my union…2 sides tho…GODBLESS.

When he’s not on social media defending his “Queen” Kevin is reportedly hard at work opening a restaurant in Brooklyn. PageSix reports that the ex-manager is opening an Italian eatery called Loreto featuring “exquisite high-end Italian cuisine.”

Will YOU be dining?


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