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"Obsessed" poster

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In honor of Black History Month, we’ve compiled ESSENTIAL Black films ranging from Dramas to Documentaries streaming for FREE on FOX’s ad-supported streaming service Tubi.

For our final installment of the series, we’re highlighting classic wig-snatching Thrillers that continue to reverberate in the pantheon of Black cinema while stressing us out in the best ways possible.

The Cinema Society And MCM Host A Screening Of "Obsessed" - Outside Arrivals

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Things couldn’t be better for Derek Charles (Idris Elba) who just received a big promotion at work and has a wonderful marriage with his beautiful wife, Sharon (Beyoncé Knowles). However, things go straight to Hell when a temp worker named Lisa (Ali Larter) begins to stalk Derek in creepy moments that set the stage for her deathmatch with Beyoncé.

"The Call" poster

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The Call

A veteran operator for an emergency call-center (Halle Berry in a very questionable wig) leaps into action to save a kidnapped teen (Abigail Breslin)before it’s too late.

20th Anniversary Celebration Of The Children's Defense Fund's Beat The Odds Program - Arrivals

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FBI Agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) races to discover the location of three nuclear bombs, each programmed to detonate in a different city. When authorities arrest the terrorist suspect (Michael Sheen) who announced the murderous plot in a video, special operative Harold Humphries (Samuel L. Jackson) joins Brody in a vicious interrogation to extract answers as time ticks away.

US actor Denzel Washington gives a press

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When a massive, unmanned locomotive roars out of control, the threat is more ominous than just a derailment. The train is laden with toxic chemicals, and an accident would decimate human life and cause an environmental disaster. The only hope of bringing the train to a safe stop is a veteran engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Chris Pine) who risk their lives to save those in the runaway’s path.

Snoop Dogg And Pam Grier In 'Bones'

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Jimmy Bones (Snoop “Doggy” Dogg) is a legendary protector and patron of his thriving neighborhood. Cool, handsome and respected, Bones is the benevolent caretaker of his people until he’s betrayed by those closest to him.

Fast forward 20 years and crime has devastated the neighborhood that still reveres Jimmy Bones as a charismatic emblem of better times who’s about to make a comeback.


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