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UPDATED: 9:41 A.M. ET, Mar 4th, 2021 —

The Capitol is ramping up security due to threats from conspiracy theorists to raid the building on what they believe is “True Inauguration Day” on March 4th.

Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election

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We are only two months removed from the failed insurrection that occurred on January 6th and the FBI is still rounding up people who are responsible for the events of that horrific day. Since then, the headlines have not stopped from children turning their parents in, neighbors identifying people from viral videos, and even people who raided the Capitol being captured thanks to self-snitching and wearing their work badges.

Before authorities can even fully process the events of that day, they now have a threat of another attack slated for tomorrow. Conspiracy theorists believe March 4th is the “true inauguration day” and somehow, Trump will be sworn in office. If he isn’t–which is exactly what’s going to happen–they reportedly plan to storm the Capitol again. Capitol police are aware and issued a statement on the matter.

“Based on the intelligence that we have, the department has taken immediate steps to enhance our security posture and staffing for a number of days, to include March 4th,” the statement said, adding that this precautionary measure of “enhanced posture” has been communicated to the entire workforce. The National Guard will also “maintain a presence” at the Capitol, per Blodgett.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen and no one gets hurt and we can begin to move forward as a nation.


Lawmakers were set to meet on Thursday at the Capitol to hold a vote on a police reform bill. That meeting was rescheduled for Wednesday ahead of any possible threats on the Capitol complex.

California Democrat Alex Padilla told CNN that they are taking the rumored threats “very seriously.”

“There’s a reason why there’s still National Guard servicewomen and men deployed at the Capitol at this time, and the fencing and the barrier we see,” Padilla explained.

“It’s because of what happened on January 6. We still have yet to hold everybody accountable for what happened on the sixth. And we still haven’t made the many changes necessary to secure the Capitol going forward. So this is evolving in very real-time. Frankly, this information from DHS may be officially new but not really surprising.”



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