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What in the thin crust f**k?!

Papa John's International Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell

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Today has been one helluva day on the internet. This morning, reactions and bad takes were pouring in following Oprah’s racist-revealing interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. As we made our way through lunchtime, new news hit the word that former Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter also gave a racist-revealing interview. The ex-executive pizza boy appeared on OAN, a rest-haven for conservative toxicity, to not only reject the label of racist but also to proudly admit that he’s been hard at work for almost 2 years, 20 months to be exact, to remove racist epithets from his regular vocabulary.

If you’re like us, you’re thinking to yourself, “How the hell can you claim not to be racist when it’s taken you 20 months of work just to TRY to not say ni**er?!”

This isn’t us trying to twist Grand Wizard John’s words. He literally made both statements within seconds of each other. Peep the video for yourself down below.

White people have white peopled the HELL out of this fine Monday, wouldn’t you agree? Anyone with even the faintest whiff of redeeming quality would be thoroughly embarrassed to admit that they needed 20 months of ni**a therapy to stop being a bigot. But racism comes so naturally Führer John that he can’t even see how f***ing insane he sounds. It’s one thing to be deaf-deaf, it’s another to be tone-deaf, but when you’re ni**a-deaf there is no saving you. You’re gone. The soup cookie spirits have taken you and your soul can’t be recovered.

Also, why the hell is this clown still wearing a red Papa John’s after he resigned and was ousted by his own board of directors?! He doesn’t even GO there! SMFH.



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