Tyrese Shows Off New Big Booty Boo Zelie Timothy

Tyrese Shows Off New Big Booty Boo After Baby Boy Begging For His Wife Back

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Well, that was fast!

After ALLLL that carryin’ on about saving his troubled marriage to estranged wife Samantha Gibson, Tyrese appears to have moved on with 25-year-old Booty Goddess Zelie Timothy who canoodled with the soon-to-be-divorced actor/singer this past NBA All-Star weekend.

We don’t know much about the big booty baddie other than she’s FINE fine, “Dominic Asian” (according to Tyrese’s bungled hashtag) and seemingly smitten with the almost-bachelor who couldn’t WAIT to post her all over his gram.

In one video, the couple loves upon each other in a club before hitting a few other All-Star Weekend festivities in Atlanta.

According to sources, Tyrese’s brand new bae isn’t actually a rebound which implies that they’ve known each other for a while.

This not-very-shocking development comes just a few months after he announced the divorce from his “Black Queen” and later embarrassed himself with pathetic pleas to win her back.

“Dear Samantha this was supposed to be us…. remember the franklins was our marriage GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling smiling……. I’m gonna get her back watch me! [ I think ],” he posted under a post of Tammy Franklin celebrating her 25th Anniversary with Kirk.

We highly doubt Samantha was moved by his shenanigans amid claims that he changed the locks on their home in Georgia and cut her off financially, leaving her to fend for their 2-year-old by herself.

In his response to her petition, Gibson denied the claims and took issue with her child support request in regards to their daughter Soraya. She’s asking for $20,000 per month but Tyrese says that amount is “unreasonably high.”

How do you think this latest saga will play out? Do you think Tyrese and Samantha are officially over? Tell us down below and peep a gallery of Zelie Timothy’s hottest pics on the flip.

“Dominican girl with yo perfect curvessssss and yo round a** booooootay” – whewwww

“Everything NASTY 💦 How did I look in this clip 👀 I wanna know 👀” – OH MY

“Pretty brown keep it super juicy juicy 💦😼 Good morning. Say it back” – these captions tho

“2021.. May the booty get FATTER 👅 The skin keeps glowing, and the belly gets flatter! Drinking my water and minding my own business. Level up!” – wowwwwwww

“Bringing some warmth to your timeline” – thank you for your service

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“I gotta be hard headed .. Cuz that booty so soft” – whoaaaa

“It’s either ME or the PS5 ⁉️” – why make us choose??

“He’s a sweetie, MMH kiss him when he eat it” – we get it, Tyrese


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