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Hands MUST be thrown!

Male Bathroom of a School

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There is a lot of talk on social media about “choosing violence” these days but THIS story is a prime example of why violence must be chosen sometimes.

According to a report in KATV, a kindergarten teacher named Karla Lasiter at Crystal Hill Elementary School in North Little Rock, Arkansas is in the process of being fired after making a 5-year-old Black boy clean feces and toilet paper out of the commode with his bare hands. Yes, you read that correctly. She made the boy grab up s#!t and soiled wipes with his BARE HANDS…DURING A PANCETTA!

The boy’s angry mother, Ashly Murray, spoke to KATV directly and said the following:

“I feel like she needs to be trained, suspended or terminated or something because that’s unacceptable,” she said. “I want my son to be in a safe environment, a good environment.”

The child’s grandmother, Tami Murray, posted a lengthy Facebook message about the incident and it sounds like she was ready to go full Bianca Belair on punk-a$$ Karla!

“Ashton’s(my grаndson) teаcher mаde him put his hаnd in the commode аnd cleаn out his feces аnd tissue becаuse he stopped up the commode,” Murray wrote in the post. “He is а young blаck mаle аnd this wаs done to degrаde him, belittle him, аnd it will cаuse him to hаve аnxiety, he keeps telling everyone whаt hаppened!”

Pulaski School District released a statement in regards to Karla Lasiter’s employment status:

The Pulaski County Special School District said in a news release that it has “initiated the legal process under the Arkansas Teacher Fair Dismissal Act to separate the employment relationship with the teacher.” According to the law, the district is required to provide the teacher with written notification of the grounds for termination. The teacher can then “prepare a defense” and request a private hearing before the school district’s board of directors.

We’re not sure what type of teaching certification you have to get to be licensed in Arkansas–a state that ranks 42 out of 50 in public education. Lasiter’s name is still unfortunately listed on the school’s website as a kindergarten teacher, but she needs to be banned from the classroom forever.



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