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Hair Luxury Company

Source: Hair Luxury Company / Midori Star Media Group

Two Jackson, Mississippi natives have a Black female-owned haircare brand centered around the “science in hair growth.”

Microbiologist /lead scientist/ CEO Tammi Taylor, Ph.D., and lead R&D/ CEO/ cosmetologist Jennifer Lewis are the brains behind Hair Luxury Company. According to Midori Star Media Group, the brand’s products are vegan-friendly,  affordable, and organic plant-based. Hair Luxury Company has five collections; The Intense Hydration Collection, Moisture Max collection, the Anti-Itch Collection, Men’s Collection, Styler Set Collection, and their newest, the Motherland Collection for Type 4 coils.

For Women’s History Month, BOSSIP chatted with Dr. Tammi and Jennifer about Hair Luxury Company and all the science that goes into hydrating hair. Learn more about this Black-owned business below.

What inspired you ladies to create Hair Luxury Company? 

Tammi: I was inspired to create the Hair Luxury Company brand because I was in the kitchen making products to thicken and grow my hair. I asked my beautician Jennifer if she ever thought of making products and she told me she already had some she was making. We had lunch, discussed our products, and decided to create the Hair Luxury brand because we both wanted to have products that really promote hair growth via an organic-based vegan-friendly brand.

Jennifer: I didn’t want to be behind the chair until I’m 60 years old so I knew I had to do something to make money in my sleep, and that’s in the beauty industry. A year after I finished hair school in 2018 my daughter got ringworm in her hair and I immediately started to add organic oils and different hair grease to make her hair grow back and from there, I knew it was my calling to have products.

Can you tell us more about the science that goes into creating a Black haircare brand?

Tammi: Science plays a role in our brand because we look at every aspect of nature and how it can benefit your hair and make it luxurious. Hair is made up of the protein keratin, and other proteins in superfoods can help reactivate dormant or damaged hair follicles and stimulate thickness and growth. We also care about the bacteria, virus, and fungus that can get in your hair follicles and we make sure to use essential oils and herbs that protect the scalp and hair from damage by the latter.

Jennifer: The science part plays a big part because that’s knowing how to mix different ingredients and knowing the portions made for each ingredient, as well as knowing what to add for shelf life.

Hair Luxury Company

Source: Hair Luxury Company / Midori Star Media Group

Tell us about your latest collection, the Motherland Collection.

Tammi: Our Motherland collection is rich in oils and herbs straight from the motherland. It was made for our Type 4 customers and has six products; our Black Soap Shampoo, Intense Hydration Deep Conditioner, Herbal Hair Growth Oil, Hair Milk infused with Aloe Vera Oil, Hair Butter, and our Moisturizing Cream all infused with 25 African herbs, butter, and oils.

Jennifer: That collection was one of my personal projects I wanted to have for type 4C hair! It’s hard trying to find products for our hair type that don’t just sit on top of the hair. 4C hair is hard to manage but these herbal ingredients help with all the detangling issues and the lack of moisture.

Type 4 curls are known for being hard to maintain moisture, how does the Motherland Collection help with that?

Tammi: Our products are so innovative they are made to helps hydrate the hair in order for you to retain moisture and lock it in. The Motherland Collection has oils that help you achieve the shine as well as the moisturre needed to grow and help keep your hair from drying out which is the top concern for our Type 4 customers.

Jennifer: It’s the specific Ayurvedic Herbs we use for each product in this collection, it helps to lock in moisture into the hair and provides moisture to individual hair strands in order to prevent breakage and it also promotes hair growth.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being Black female business owners?

Tammi: The most rewarding part is that you can be a role model to other women and help them become successful businesswomen also. We have a new eBook out on our website on how to become a successful enterprise using social media called The Luxury Way with some of our secrets.

Jennifer: This is the perfect time to be a Black woman owning her own business! So many people are supporting and opportunities are out here just for black women-owned businesses.



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