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“Marie knows for a fact that I will never go to a blogger…”

Latrice Rogers knows you saw those blogger leaking” accusations hurled her way at the “Belle Collective” Reunion and she’s issuing a response.

Latrice Rogers

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As previously reported, off-camera drama on the OWN show spilled onto the reunion stage and the Goddess Lengths owner was accused by her castmates Lateshia and Marie of leaking information to a local Mississippi blogger.

According to the ladies, Latrice sneakily “took information” to the gossiper who was bashing them online and allegedly discrediting Marie’s business. Lateshia pointed out that she shared sensitive info with Latrice and three days later, it was shared onto a blog. Not only that, but Lateshia and Marie also alleged that there were receipts in the form of recorded conversations to prove Latrice’s actions. An affiliate of the show, Kaylon, was reportedly recorded talking to the blogger who allegedly said he was contacted by Latrice.

During the reunion, the super messy accusations brought Latrice to tears and she recently told BOSSIP that they’re simply untrue. Latrice is adamant that she wouldn’t sink that low.

“I’m not leaking any information to any blogger that, that’s way below the belt and I pride myself on being not a mischievous person,” said Latrice to BOSSIP. “I don’t want to go out and seek vengeance on anyone because I feel like I’m blessed and covered by the blood. If somebody do something to me, then God will handle them. In this present moment, Marie hasn’t done anything detrimental to me, she hasn’t stopped coins from coming to my pocket, so I had no reason to go to a blogger.”

She also said she was baffled by Marie bringing up the writer and drawing national attention to the local situation.

“I feel like everybody was ganging up on me,” said Latrice. “And I honestly came to the reunion and I expected Marie to talk about the whole hair situation and I never expected her to bring up a blogger because, you know, this is our platform. And I’m thinking, ‘Why would you give someone else a platform, on your platform?’ No one really knew about the blogger except for people in Mississippi. So it’s kind of like you’re drawing attention to yourself and blowing it up and [you] made it bigger than it should be.”

Latrice Rogers

Source: Sterling Photography

While continuing to reflect on the reunion, Latrice also said that she and Lateshia originally planned to put on a united front on stage but a recorded convo from the blogger was released just moments before the reunion began. The recoded convo changed everything and caused all the tension that was caught on camera.

“So, me and ‘Teshia were really really cool like to the point where our husbands, they would go out together and we would hang out every day, all day we’re just talking on the phone,” Latrice told BOSSIP. “We went into the reunion like, ‘We’re sisters!’ We had a whole conversation the day before like we’re gonna go in here [to the reunion] and show them we’re unified. And that was what I thought was going to happen but something different happened.

“Kaylon, she went and she talked to the blogger. The blogger recorded Kay talking with him and I guess he got mad in a sense. I don’t know [if] he and Kaylon were supposed to do some stuff together, but we convinced her that ‘This is not a good idea, you don’t need to do that.’  So I think he [the blogger] probably got upset with her [and] he released the recording maybe like 20 minutes prior to us going on set for the reunion. Marie got the recording and she sent the recording to Lateshia and I guess put all this stuff in her head like, ‘This is supposed to be your friend but she sent Kaylon to talk to bloggers.’ Teshia was really upset.”

Latrice Rogers

Source: Sterling Photography / Sterling Photography

Now that the reunion is finished, however, Latrice says she’s been vindicated and she and ‘Teshia are back to being good girlfriends.

“After the reunion, everything calmed down, she went to the streets she did her own investigation,” said Latrice. “She found out that I wasn’t the one who talked to this blogger and me and ‘Tiesha are cool to this day. Me and ‘Teshia are cool.”

As for that messy (and never-ending) #bundlegate situation amid claims that Marie “operates with an agenda”, Latrice offered this notion;

“I think that in a sense that Marie thinks before she does things,” Latrice told BOSSIP. “I don’t know if it was a setup [but] me on the outside looking in, I just know the whole situation with the hair thing. We’re beefing from something I resolved a whole year and a half ago. Even with the reunion, the reunion was shot in January and she’s only provoking and going to blogs now. If you felt so strongly about me talking to a blogger, you would have reacted the way you’re reacting now in January when we shot. I try not to get to deep into it because honestly if it doesn’t affect my pockets and if it’s not about my family, I don’t care about it.”


In addition to speaking on the Mississippi melee discussed during the reunion, Latrice told BOSSIP that her Goddess Lengths brand is continuing to flourish and she’ll soon be embarking on her Essential Beauty haircare line that’s coming to major retail stores.

“It’s our innovative approach to how we do things, we always try to stay on top of what’s on-trend and on top of that, we have a great product, we have the best product!” Latrice told BOSSIP.”

She also confirmed to BOSSIP that her husband “Zaddy” is enjoying his newfound fame.

“He’s great,” said Latrice. “Everywhere he goes, even men [they say] ‘You’re Zaddy, right? you’re Zaddy!'” It’s so funny! He’s calmed down a little as far as stepping away from the business we have together. He’s doing his own little thing and letting me take over. It’s new to both of us and it took a lot of convincing to get him to do the show in the beginning but when he started doing it and seeing himself on TV he said, ‘Okay, I’m a celebrity now!'” He enjoyed it I think way more than me.”


Part two of the “Belle Collective” reunion airs TONIGHT at 10/9 C on OWN.


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