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If it ain’t one thing, it’s something else with this cultureless caucasian.

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Chet Hanks has the uncanny ability to be a giant d!¢k. His out-of-pocket antics have been LONG documented by us here at BOSSIP for years whether it was him getting comfy using the n-word, his incessant use of a Ja-fake-ian accent, or his God-awful rapping. However, this time, it appears that there could be legal consequences for his bull$#!t behavior.

TMZ has obtained a video of a bloody Chet Hanks following an incident of domestic violence with his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker. In the video, you will see Kiana and Chet in an argument and quickly she takes a swing at him with an object that isn’t clearly visible. TMZ reports that she was holding a kitchen pot that you can hear clanging in the background. As the camera turns around you see blood streaming down Chet’s face and he claims that Kiana had attacked him with a knife. A charge she immediately denies and asks witnesses in the background to confirm.

This by no means is a one-sided story of domestic violence. Back in January, Kiana got a restraining order against Chet after a violent incident in New Orleans. The couple was staying at the Windsor Hotel while Chet was shooting the TV series “Your Honor.” She says he became incensed when she told him that she was leaving the room to get food. Kiana says he slung her around the room, grabbed her wrists, and threw a bottle at her. She also says that when Chet chased her down the hallway wearing nothing but his boxers, he told her that no one would believe her story because she was “just a ghetto Black b!tc#” and he was “Chet Hanks.”

Word, white boy?

Regarding the situation in the video, Chet says he and Kiana began to fight because he discovered that she had racked up thousands of dollars on his credit cards and had stolen other property of his. On the day of the incident, Chet says Kiana came to his house with three men, one of which flashed a gun at him. He subsequently filed a lawsuit against her for assault and battery, theft, and return of the money she allegedly stole.

For Kiana’s part, she says she simply came to the house to move out and brought the men with her to help with heavy items. She claims Chet was antagonizing her and even grabbed a knife in what is described as a “menacing way.” That’s why she grabbed the pot to defend herself.

To say this is all bad is an understatement. Kiana needs to get as far away from this spoiled, privileged, fetishizing brat as humanly possible and never look back.


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