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This just makes the story that much more sad and infuriating…

Donovon Lynch

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Earlier this week, we reported on the shooting death of Donovon Lynch. He was one of several people who were shot or killed during the three shootings that took place in Virginia Beach last weekend. Later, it was revealed that Donovon is the cousin of Pharrell Williams. Skateboard P posted a sorrowful Instagram mourning his family and demanding accountability. That demand is a result of police attempting to paint Donovon as an aggressor who was allegedly “brandishing” a firearm. The family calls bulls#!t on that claim.

According to an interview that Donovon’s heartbroken father, Wayne Lynch, gave to WAVY, Donovon did carry a weapon, a legal 9mm Ruger pistol. However, Mr. Lynch says that his son did not brandish it at police and he was a licensed concealed carrier who owned a private security business.

“Don is a business owner. His business is a security company, and he is legally registered and has a concealed weapons permit,” Wayne Lynch said. “The gun was not out… It could not be seen… I am wondering why he was shot.”

Mr. Lynch is angry that despite being well-known in the community as a mentor of children, the police are still attempting to paint Donovon as a wanton shooter who was a danger to the community on that evening. He also expressed immense skepticism about the fact that the officer who killed Donovon did not have his body camera activated at the time.

“They can’t use that excuse. That excuse has been used way too much… They spent $5.5 million on body cams, and dash cams, and they are not being utilized… Police policy is to have them on…the officer had time to turn it on, and did not.”

We couldn’t agree more. That excuse is tired, lazy, and overall just not very believable. $5.5 million in taxpayer money and it just so happened to be off when a Black man is killed under suspicious circumstances. Nope. Nah. Not going.

“The pain is unbearable, really. I cannot believe my son won’t be walking through the door,” Wayne Lynch said.

“One person told me, and I cried. He said there was only one person on earth that walked around with wings on his back, and it was Donovon,” Wayne Lynch said, choking back tears. “That describes Donovon perfectly.”

Jesus, Lord, Heavenly Father…protect this family. This is going to painful for a very long time. We can’t help but think of Philando Castile. He too was a Black gun owner who was legally licensed to carry his firearm concealed. He too was killed by police unjustifiably.


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