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Alvin Kamara sits down with Uninterrupted to break down how he spends his NFL earnings and why he is the most frugal player in the NFL.

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In the NFL, we used to always hear stories of players going broke and spending their earnings on lavish lifestyles that never last forever. Nowadays, the kids are getting smarter and refuse to end up as a cautionary tale of what not to do. The most common action for NFL players and most ballers these days is to save their salary and live off endorsements.

Recently, Uninterrupted sat down with New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara for their digital financial-focused show KNEADING DOUGH. During the show, Alvin makes it clear that he can live off bread and peanut butter but hopes he never has to go back to that lifestyle. He’s saving the majority of his money because he has everything he needs and you can tell material things just do not matter to him. Kamara went into detail about the first time he received his signing bonus money.

“ I get drafted ..numbers start coming like signing bonuses you know things like that. I was like this is more than I ever had. My mom never had this much, my brother, my sister, so I’m like ok, it would be ashame if I got this and I lost it. So I’m like I’m bout to just keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing.”

The NFL baller shared that he’s learned to live with less and attributes his mom’s money management tactics as a child to how he goes about saving now as an adult.

“When I got to the league I got my signing bonus…. and I was like I’m not spending this money and till this day I have not spent one dollar of my football money– new money or rookie contract money,” the New Orleans Saints quarterback added.

This is a great outlook to have because when he retires, he’ll set himself and his future generations up for success. He also reveals he is hands-on and controls all of his money. You can watch the full episode and get some great tips on saving below.

Looks like Kamara’s frugal spending has paid off too. Last month the athlete star bought a house in Montana where he spent time relaxing during the offseason.

Congrats to Alvin!



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