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For the love of God, please put this pig in prison.

BRUCE BISPING ¥ Brooklyn Center, MN., Thursday, 5/31/2007. Officer Kim Potter, part of the Brooklyn Center Police negotiation team.

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty


According to a New York Times report, Kim Potter is being charged with second-degree manslaughter for killing Daunte Wright without just cause. The official complaint will be filed later this afternoon.

We will have more details as they become available.


Brooklyn Center, Minnesota is still raging with anger over the senseless murder of Daunte Wright by former officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop over air freshener. As we reported yesterday, Potter and Chief of Police Tim Gannon have both resigned from their posts in the wake of the heinous killing. Many have wondered aloud how Potter stands to gain from resigning rather than going through the legal procedure or being fired. That sentiment largely stems from the belief that cops don’t just quit their jobs after killing someone. Especially when they know the department, the legal system, and some in the community will support them regardless of the circumstances.

Well, if KKKim thought that quitting her job would innoculate her from consequences then she’s got another thing coming. Today, according to a Reuters report, Washington County Attorney Pete Orput told local radio station WCCO that he could indeed file criminal charges against Potter for the death of Daunte Wright today. He did not specify exactly what that potential charge could be.

Ignorance is no excuse for negligence. The current narrative from the Brooklyn Center police department is that Potter inexplicably “mistook” her service Glock for her taser and did not mean to fire a live round into Daunte Wright. We and everyone else with the good sense that God gave them call bulls#!t. Moreover, even if it was a “mistake” that does not mean that she should not be held liable for killing a man who did nothing to deserve death.

BRUCE BISPING ¥ Brooklyn Center, MN., Thursday, 5/31/2007. (left to right) Brooklyn Center Police negotiation team, Detective Peggy Labatt, Sergeant Frank Roth and Officer Kim Potter.

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

This photo is from 2007. As you can see, Kim Potter is carrying a taser on her hip. A BRIGHT YELLOW TASER. Now, all of sudden, she doesn’t know the difference after 26 years of being a police officer? Jail. Immediately.


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