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Children are the future.

Hundreds take streets in NYC after Derek Chauvin verdict

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There are a great many people responsible for George Floyd and his family receiving justice yesterday. There were lawyers, the jury, protesters, activists, even tweeters, and Instagrammers but one person specifically deserves all the praise and adulation for the guilty, guilty, guilty verdict that was handed down. Her name is Darnella Frazier. For those who are unaware of who Darnella is, she is the then-17-year-old who stood on the curb in front of Cup Foods in Minneapolis and recorded Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd. That recording also captured the other now-criminally charged officers on the scene doing absolutely nothing to stop the murder. Those officers would not have testified against Chauvin and he would have walked scot-free without Darnella’s video recording. If you somehow doubt that irrefutable fact, be reminded of the initial police report that was filed subsequent to the killing.

They tried to paint George Floyd as a drugged-up criminal who resisted arrest. The video that Darnella took told the exact opposite story and the body camera footage that was released only confirms what we already knew, that George Floyd complied with officers and was as lucid and cognizant as any human in that circumstance could be. He was still murdered.

Darnella Frazier’s testimony was soul-crushing. She has agonized over not only what Derek Chauvin forced her to witness but also over the guilt she feels for not being able to do more to save Floyd from dying in the first place. No child should have that type of responsibility placed on their shoulders yet Darnella let her conscience be her guide and stood steadfast in the face of evil in order to promote accountability.

There aren’t enough words to properly convey all that we owe to this young lady for doing what’s right. It’s sad and disgusting that she has been subjected to so much bullying and hate because of her righteous actions that day. Darnella is as tied to the historical nature of this moment just as much as George Floyd and will have to live with this harrowing experience for years to come. That said, if you have it in your heart and your wallet to help her out, we would encourage you to drop some guap in her OFFICIAL (accept NO substitutes) GoFundMe account and show her some appreciation.

None of the smiles, celebrations, or rejoicing would be possible if it wasn’t for this young lady’s bravery. Never forget that. Always remember. Say her name.

Demonstrators celebrate Chauvin verdict in Los Angeles

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God bless Darnella Frazier. We pray that she is protected and receives the healing that she so richly deserves.



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