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There sure are a whole lot of “bad apples” on this supposedly healthy tree…

Policeman wearing bulletproof vest, by patrol car

Source: kali9 / Getty

Is this some type of cruel joke? Seriously? What the ever-loving f**k is happening this week?! It’s almost like we’re being punished for Derek Chauvin‘s murder conviction. Police in Amerikkka have lost their muthaf**kin’ minds. Bodies are dropping and more Black folks are being abused by the blue lives that purportedly matter.

According to TMZ, police in Grand Rapids, Michigan were caught on camera pummeling a Black man after pulling him over for…littering. On March 26 a man named Diabate Hood was driving when he and the two passengers in his vehicle were asked to step out. The passengers acquiesced but Diabate wasn’t trying to hear it. After attempting to evade officers by sliding out the passenger door, he was set upon, and then things got ugly.

Three officers are holding Diabate down and one of them completely loses his s#!t and starts bashing the restrained brotha in the face over, and over, and over, and over again.


Unlike some of the more recent cases of police brutality, the Grand Rapids Police Department is not only standing by their man, but they are also applauding him! Let them tell it, this traffic stop was part of some bulls#!t called Operation: Safe Neighborhoods (Amazing name, guys. Really) and they had “timely and accurate intelligence” to justify their engagement.




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