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Ja Rule is once again facing tax issues as the IRS is suing him and his wife for allegedly refusing to pay $3 million in back taxes.

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Recently, Ja Rule has been popping up here and there to push the new and ever so lucrative NFT wave. Ja was able to sell an NFT of a Fyre festival ticket for $122,000, and that was without much effort as people were ready to bid on the item the second they heard about it.

If it’s one thing about Ja Rule, he’s going to keep a play on the table and make some money no matter what, because he’s a natural-born hustler. The big issue here is that Ja Rule is making plays and generating revenue, but allegedly, he’s not paying his taxes while doing so. According to Radar Online, the rapper didn’t learn from his previous jail time over taxes and the IRS has sued him for allegedly owing $3 million in back taxes, which is up from $2 million we reported in 2019.

Rapper Ja Rule and his wife Aisha Atkins are accused of refusing to pay over $3 million in federal taxes.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, lawyers representing the United State of America filed suit against Ja Rue (real name: Jeffrey Atkins) and Aisha. They explain the case was brought after the IRS requested they take the rapper to court. The suit claims money is owed for the years 2005-2010 and 2012-2017. The government says the two owe a total of $3,139,237.76.

The breakdown is $357,421.23 (2005), $518,700.88 (2006), $348,087.49 (2007) $267,193 (2008), $198,817.99 (2009), $47,901.53 (2010), $128,926.37 (2012), $116,720.65 (2013), $229,577.62 (2014), $212,270.42 (2015), $526,431.46 (2016) and $187,188.52 (2017).

The IRS claims they have demanded the payment several times, but Ja is giving them the cold shoulder. Obviously, the IRS isn’t who you should ever ignore–especially if you’ve felt their power before. Hopefully, Ja can sell a few more NFTs and put this behind him expeditiously, because this could end up getting ugly for the rapper.


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