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Married At First Sight: Atlanta

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A Married At First Sight participant caught criticism on Twitter after he made some interesting comments about what he was seeking in a spouse.

On Wednesday’s episode, viewers saw the couples spending their final hours together before Decision Day when they’ll have to decide whether they’ll stay married or get divorced. Unfortunately, things got tense between #MAFS faves Briana and Vincent when Bri brought up that Vinny was a “little unorganized” but added that she’s “organized enough for the both of them.”

Vinny who has a history of being overly sensitive quickly took offense to his wife’s comment.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m unorganized,” retorted Vinny. “The fact that she called me out kind of hurt me. And at this point in this process, now that, you know, Decision Day is coming up, that’s just really hard to hear that.”

The auto broker also seemed to retaliate to Brianna’s comment by noting that he specifically told the experts that he didn’t want an “assertive and direct” wife, two words that clearly describe his engineer spouse.

“I would say you kinda work with what you get,” said Vinny. “Before coming into this process I specifically said that I didn’t want to be matched with somebody who’s super direct. I said I didn’t want somebody who was assertive and direct.”

He also added that hearing his wife’s family describe her as “bossy” during their wedding was a turn-off.

C’mon champagne Vinny!


Twitter was NOT here for Vinny’s shade towards Briana and they quickly surmised that he wanted a “submissive” spouse and someone who wouldn’t hold him accountable.


Interestingly enough, Vinny previously told BOSSIP in February that he had no issue hearing about his wife’s “bossiness” during their wedding vows. Back then the groom said that her bossiness was actually a positive attribute.

“I was so nervous that when I heard it – it went in one ear and out the other,” Vinny told BOSSIP. “After my nerves settled, I did think about it and didn’t think much of it. I just looked at it as my wife being independent which is not a bad thing. Briana being a boss is a good thing for me–she knows what she wants.”

Hmmmmm, what changed Vinny?

After the whole “assertive and direct” shade fest, Vinny also childishly cut one of Briana’s braids because she said she wanted to “take down her hair.” “I didn’t mean right now!” said a clearly irritated Bri. Twitter was also just as irritated by Vinny’s silly move.

With these snags in their marriage and Decision Day looming, do YOU think Briana and Vincent will stay married??

Our fingers are still crossed for these two!



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