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Another day, another moment of heart-eye goo from a (so-far) perfectly paired Married At First Sight couple.

Briana and Vincent

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As previously reported kind and mature auto broker Vincent, 27, told BOSSIP about his happy marriage to his “boss” wife Briana, a 28-year-old engineer. Vincent said their wedding “felt right” and “wasn’t awkward at all” which was clearly seen on camera.


The couple is giving fans #MAFS success story vibes and sparks are continuing to fly. After meeting for the first time at the altar, Briana and Vincent were seen on #MAFS enjoying a Las Vegas honeymoon where they consummated their marriage and said they felt like a “match made in heaven.”

Woody and Amani is that you, again????

Tonight, viewers will see Briana and Vincent strengthening their bond as they go on an excursion and enjoy quiet time as a couple. Bri’s clearly already smitten by her hubby although they do have a small spat concerning Briana’s “bossiness” but it just seems like growing pains.

BOSSIP recently spoke with Briana about her blind marriage to Vincent and she shared all the boxes he’s checked off for her as her “handsome AF” hubby.

See her answers below.

Was there a specific moment that happened that made you sign for MAFS?

There wasn’t a specific moment that prompted me to sign up for MAFS. I was single and content with life, but knew I wanted to find my forever person! I literally had nothing and no one holding me back.

Every bride gets nervous on their wedding day but marrying a stranger had to be especially stressful. What was on your mind?

I honestly couldn’t process my feelings that day. I’m usually very good with expressing myself but this was just outright unusually crazy! Everything from “Briana… are you doing, are you crazy, what if it’s love at first sight, will Mama like him, what will Dad think, omg I hope Erica and Chelsea (the two most intense besties) don’t destroy him haha” crossed my mind. I was just one big ball of confusion and excitement!

What was your first thought when you saw Vincent? What do you think about how your friends and family reacted to seeing Vincent?

First impression: Tall. Check. Handsome. Check. Beard. Check. That wasn’t scripted lol. I believe my friends and family were pleasantly surprised! I mean, he is handsome AF! They gave their stamp of approval while still patiently waiting to read my face. Let’s face it, I can’t hide my countenance as we have all seen by now!

What was your first dance like with your husband?

Our first dance wasn’t at all what I expected. I thought it would be awkward and we’d both be nervous because a crowd was watching our first few interactions. Instead, it was calming and we forgot others were even in the room!

What’s something that happened behind the scenes at the wedding that you wish viewers saw on camera?

Y’all, our families can get DOWN on the dancefloor! Between dropping it low, bachata, and good ole family cookout style line dancing, it was lit. It was truly beautiful seeing two totally different cultures coming together as one to celebrate our union.

How would you describe your wedding night?

My wedding night was great! We were exhausted but still wanted to get to know each other more. I had so many questions that I knew wouldn’t get answered in such a short period of time. On the other hand, we both realized it was a stranger sleeping next to us…that we had just married. We’re crazy, lol.

Vincent’s friends and family called him a “workaholic”, what went through your mind when you heard that?

Nothing really went through my mind at that moment. I’d prefer someone who handles business than a lazy bum. As long as we make time for each other at the beginning and end of the day, I’m not worried. Throw in a handful of vacations a year plus family/friends time and we’re golden!

At one point you said that Vincent looked exactly like you imagined, do you think you manifested your husband?

I had a dream of what my husband looked like one night (tall, tan skin, with a beard), but actually imagined something totally different on my wedding day. I believe my dream came true!


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