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The #RHOAReunion might have once again been light on drama but some shade spilled on social media.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

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During part two of Sunday’s reunion, viewers saw Kenya Moore speak on THAT Charleston trip and her decision to fly in on a private jet with her daughter in tow.

After dishing on why she brought her baby girl along and after admitting that she selfishly scarfed down crabcakes without providing dinner for her guests, Kenya had a brief showdown (again) with Drew Sidora.

When Drew told Andy Cohen that she “held Kenya accountable” by spilling the secret that she flew on a private jet to Charleston, Kenya wondered why Drew shadily did that considering that she’d been kind and “looked out for her.” She noted that she complimented Drew on her own housewives’ party hosting skills and advised her to bring Spanx to Charleston to deal with her “body issues.”

“Body issues?! So let me educate you!” snapped back Drew noting her adenomyosis diagnosis that causes tissue overgrowth in her uterus and causes painful periods. She then shared that Married To Medicine’s Dr. Jackie would be performing a hysterectomy for her.

“So thank you for going in on me about my body issues or whatever!” said Drew. “You don’t speak with knowledge, so watch your mouth.”

Kenya however wasn’t going for it.

“What does that have to do with what I’m saying?! These are about the conversations that we have have had…” said Kenya.


A fan question was then asked about Kenya calling Drew “broke” for splitting checks at dinner but “brokely” demanding to be comped in a previous episode for hair and makeup. Kenya tried to brush it off as just shade but Drew had an interesting response about her role in an early 2000s film.


“Broke b***s split checks, rich b***s buy over million-dollar homes,” said Drew speaking on the “dream home” she and her hubby purchased.

“Rich, but needs a job,” remarked Kenya.

“Step Up,” said Drew referencing the 2006 film she starred in. “$400-million worldwide, boo…at the box office over $1 million.” 

“And how much did you get of that?!” replied Kenya. “What does that have to do with the money that’s in your pocket?”


Twitter immediately called out Drew for referencing the film as “proof” of her wealth…


and Kenya joined in calling it “broke b*** behavior” while noting that she owned multiple homes while Drew “needed a husband” to buy her house at age 35.

OOF! So far Drew has yet to respond.



In case you need a refresher, here’s Drew in “Step Up.”



What did YOU think about Drew Sidora “shutting down” Kenya Moore by noting that “Step Up” made $400 million worldwide?


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