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Cultural appropriation allegations are continuing to run rampant after the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and someone’s issuing a response.

As previously reported Kenya Moore was asked to speak on the highly criticized “warrior princess” Native American costume that she wore on an episode of #RHOA.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

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After explaining that she was educated on why it was racially insensitive despite her heritage that included “aunts who lived on [Native American] reservations in West Virginia” she was called out by Porsha Williams for immediately wanting grace and forgiveness.

“It would be nice instead of pointing a finger to say, ‘Yes, we have all made these mistakes,'” responded Kenya noting that fellow housewife Drew Sidora was photographed in Native American garb as well as Porsha’s sister Lauren.

“It wasn’t a Halloween costume,” said Drew before noting that the garb she wore was more meaningful and part of a familial celebration. “You’re talking about over 10 years ago at a family reunion. We did a ceremony for our ancestors in Louisiana, where we all wore Native American [clothes], and those weren’t costumes from Party City. It was actually made by my mother’s great-grandmother.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 13

Source: Bravo / Getty

Kenya then accused Drew of lying noting that the costume she wore was hashtagged “Halloween.” Later, she drove the point home with a pic of Drew “dressed as an Indian” with a Bindi on her forehead.

Despite Kenya’s “receipt” Drew is doubling down and denying the cultural appropriation claims.

Drew recently shared personal photos with Page Six that show her family honoring their Native American heritage. In them, we see Drew, her mother, son, and other family members dressed in indigenous garb.

“In this climate of addressing diversity, I am happy to put a spotlight on my indigenous background from my maternal side of the family,” Sidora told Page Six on Tuesday.

“According to my mother, I am part of the Choctaw Native American Tribe, and my great-grandparents grew up and lived in Coushatta, Louisiana, all their lives. fact, in 2011, my family returned to our family roots of Coushatta, Louisiana, for a family reunion and celebration in which the theme was ‘Our Branches Stretch Wide, But Our Roots Go Deep.’ During this time, I inherited an authentic ‘tribal garment’ and wore it to our family celebration.”


Drew added to Page Six she has worn her tribal garment “at various times” to “showcase my proud heritage; not as a costume bought at Party City.”

“Ten years ago, I wore my tribal garment to a party with my sister as a proud member of an indigenous people,” the “Game” star added. “It was never my intent to be insensitive to my ancestral roots, but merely my way of displaying and honoring a culture that runs deep within my DNA.”

She did not address what appeared to be a bindi on her forehead in the old photo.

She also issued an apology.

“In doing so, if I’ve offended anyone, I apologize,” she said. “Every day, I’m inspired by stories from my mother and the lessons passed down from one generation to the next. I hope this dialogue leads to a better understanding about cultural appropriation. It’s a teachable moment for us all.”

You can see Drew’s traditional tribal garments HERE.

Do YOU think Drew’s guilty of cultural appropriation or was she truly just honoring her heritage?


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