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This strategy is so tired and predictable…

Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, William

Source: Glynn County Sheriff’s Office / Glynn County Sheriff’s Office

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is the famous saying and we supposed it applies here as much as anywhere else. There is a long case-winning history of painting Black folks as the source of the crimes that they are victims of. Anytime a Black man or Black woman has their life snuffed out unjustly, the defense lawyers’ game plan is to drag their corpse through the thorny thicket of their irrelevant past to “prove” that they deserved death. It’s quite trite.

However, trite doesn’t mean they won’t try it. According to Yahoo! News, Travis McMichael‘s lawyer, Jason Sheffield, is fighting tooth-and-nail to have non-pertinent evidence entered that would paint Ahmaud Arbery as a criminal. Conversely, said “evidence” seeks to paint the McMichael’s and their murderous cameraman as white saviors ridding the streets of Brunswick, Georgia of a Black scourge.

F**k Jason Sheffield and the MkkkMikkkhaels.

Jason Sheffield, one of Travis McMichael’s lawyers, told Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley on Wednesday that Arbery’s past arrests and other incidents include not only “theft crimes” but also show at pattern that Arbery, when confronted for wrongdoing by police or other authority figures, would become “angry and aggressive, physically and verbally.”

Who the f**k was an active cop or “authority figure” in this situation?! Just because a couple of soup cookies grab shotguns and whip their trucks around like the Dukes of Hazard doesn’t make them anyone’s authority.

The prosecutor, Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski, obviously retorted that none of that bulls#!t mattered or was in anyway f***ing relevant to his pursuit and subsequent murder. Well, she didn’t say it exactly like that:

“It doesn’t matter what Mr. Arbery’s thoughts were… It doesn’t matter what his actions were,” Dunikoski said. “He was running away from these men.”

If you’re a defense attorney and want to make a living trying to keep the worst criminals in America OUT of prison, the LEAST you could do with your J.D. is defend them honestly. Jesus Christ.


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